Losing Hope


Somebody wrote this comment: "I'm losing hope. Unfortunately, bigots (and as bigots I don't mean us, but those to defend Islam even if they don't know what it is) are winning. They say things like:

  • Genital mutilation — just their culture
  • Killing — just different values
  • etc...

"There is no hope if they are willing to be dhimmies instead to stand up and say: 'This is our country! Respect our rules and if you don't like them, return to your homeland!'"

How I answered:

This is how a free culture evolves. Every worthy, assumption-busting, tradition-breaking cause has to go through the same stages. First people think it's a bad idea and they fight it tooth and nail. Then they're skeptical but listening. Eventually they think it was their idea all along.

Our challenge is how to reach someone whose mind is already made up. The person you're talking to has already gotten a great deal of "education" about Islam from mainstream media. Mainstream news organizations not only present themselves as unbiased, but they all agree with each other on Islam. I don't know if that's because the Islamic PR machine is so effective, or just because somehow the "anti-Islam" position has been associated with conservatives and most people in the mainstream media are liberals, or because they are afraid of Islamic retaliation, but the upshot is that the person you're talking to has heard everyone in authority that he listens to — NPR and PBS and NBC and CBS and ABC and even the last two presidents — all presenting an identical point of view. Namely, that "Islam teaches peace and terrorists are just wackos who have mistakenly attributed their violence and political actions with Islam, but really it has nothing to do with Islam, and besides, most Muslims are peace-loving people, and they are a persecuted minority so not only should we not criticize them, we should bend over backwards to make them feel welcome in this country because that's the kind of people we are."

When someone gets the same message from so many different "authoritative" sources, and only hears people with your point of view in little clips on mainstream news — clips long enough to make the person look like a madman but short enough to give the commentator something to belittle — then they feel completely certain their point of view is right.

That's why they will argue with what you're saying about Islam even though they actually know nothing about Islam.

Can you get better at reaching these people? Yes. But not by doing the same thing in the same way. We need to innovate, study, practice, and share with each other what works. We have several resources to help you with this: Tools To Help You Educate Your Fellow Non-Muslims About Islam.

The most important resource, however, is in your heart. Keep your love of freedom, your love of your fellow citizens, and your fighting spirit. And never never never give up.


Elsa 5:29 AM  

I understand losing hope. In the evenings, I'm prone to feeling discouraged. My best "cure": sleep. I say, enough for today, and get some sleep. In the morning, I have not only the energy to go on, but faith that we can do it.

Here's another strategy. Don't ask: Can I do it? Ask yourself: HOW can I do it? That moves us, on the inside, to come up with answers.

Also, connect with like-minded people, and good strategies, like through CitizenWarrior - or through my blog. Recently, readers send in 22 strategies for HOW we can increase awareness re Islam, etc: http://elsasblog.com/strategies.html

Walter Sieruk 8:40 AM  

For news and information about Islam and the dangers is poses there are the internet sites www.jihadwatch.org and atlasshrugs.com and also clarionproject.org Furthermore, from the Christian Bible based view on this subject and also to reply to the many claims made by the apologists for Islam there is the site answering-islam.org

Anonymous 5:43 PM  

THERE ARE 73 SECTS OF iSLAM. please REFER http://www.real-islam.org/73_8.htm
ALL DIVISIONS IN Islam will fight with themselves and ultimately disappear and one only one Division/sect alone will survive – Haddis - Abu Dawood: Vol 3 - Book 40 - Hadith 4580.

All 73 except the last one will fight within themselves and die miserably.

Dr.Ali Sina by his prognosis, ISLAM will be out of the world 2030 (oreven before).

A graph which goes up rapidly will also fall rapidly. Remember this natural law.

So, don't hope my dear fellows.


Anonymous 7:57 PM  

Essentially Islam is the greatest threat facing all of Humanity. There will be those who will want to join it and support it but they will soon learn that what they have supported all along is simply a Grand Illusion.

We must never lose Hope in Our Fight against this heinous monster. When you stop believing you stop doing. We simply must not lose hope for hope and endurance is all we have.

As a community of people spread across the globe our only connection is through these forums and we need to continually encourage each other.

So when you are feeling that you are "losing hope" just remember that there are thousands, if not millions of people out there coping with the same struggle and they are carrying on.

Anonymous 11:52 AM  

Islam is a way of being that seeks enslaves nations in its way. It is a foreign entity which is as a serpent that slowly and subtly moves, camouflaged as part of the surroundings, moving into position to strike death, even to squeeze the breath of life from us. It's way is the way of death and Satan, a god of force, forcing people to pay tribute and worship in its way, binding people in a way of being under the penalty of its law of death. They are as Goats which believe the whole farm yard is his, forcing people by force of its horns. Theirs is of an underlying spirit of deception blinding in the way of Pride, having no mercy of charity, when it comes to preserving life; where they are antichrist in their way of death. Their patients is not of love but is to kill those who don't worship them in their way; that they are spiritually blind unaware they worship Satan in going the way of death, while they believe the are doing God's will. They are as enemies to the constitution, being an entity of Government, with that of a false prophet of a false god, blind in spirit, whose way is the way of death and force, seeking to impose their way of Governing upon our Nation. Islam has a leader over all, whose aim is to control the world in a serpent like way. If we don't realize how they are moving forward stealthily and secretly in the spirit to conquer us, then we will go into captivity when they strike. Many are blind in spirit, being as kin in the spirit of error, are helping them in a way of error, blind to the truth of their way. We have been giving warning of the spirit; that God has sent word of his love to spare us error; that we might discern the unseen spirit, even of those who make us their enemies; those forcing us to make sacrifices of Man because of the spirit of error. Our Hope is in Truth, recognizing the truth of the error of ways before hand, to be humbled to go the way of Christ, to stand in truth so that sacrifices do not have to be made later because of our ignorance.

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