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It's a 52 minute talk by Jay Smith, speaking to an audience of Christians, where he explains the history of the rise of ISIS, and what Christians can do about it. Send this link to your friends:

The Rise of ISIS and the Christian Response

Hat tip to a friend from the UK who sent it to us.


Unknown 4:30 AM  

well citizen warrior has it right however where DO we go from here muslims are an aggressive & devious people their speech is very aggressive the use of manners is regarded a weakness where we are used to using please thankyou etc. we are humans not animals & we regard manners as being human to one & other the majority of muslims if not actively militant are sympathizers, either become citizens of their adopted country & in the full meaning of the word or send them back to where they come from where they can be muslims & not be in a position of indoctoring other people by brain washing & lies which the koran allows when talking to infidels (none muslims)

Citizen Warrior 11:39 AM  

Where do we go from here? We've started that conversation and would love your input. Go here:

pkeyrich 11:17 PM  

Excellent presentation of quality information regarding Islam!

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