Does the Sale of Halal Food Support Jihad?


The following was written by Gary Henderson of the Infidel Defense Alliance:

It is astonishing how little the average American knows about Halal, the Muslim commanded process that demands that animals be slaughtered in accordance with Islamist dictates.

In fact, Halal certification charges to everyone in the food chain are an intended tax on infidels who shop at markets who offer halal foods. Infidels should inquire of their local market whether or not they are paying for Halal certification, and if so, find another place to buy their food. In this way we can force Muslims to finance their caliphate in their own stores.

We are already paying taxes for US Government inspections of our food processing facilities. Such oversight is done totally on our behalf, without any imposition of nefarious religious beliefs, and it is conducted for the express purpose of guaranteeing the purity of the food we consume.

Additional inspection processes are totally unnecessary, and their costs are an imposition on the buying public.

Grocery stores are charged halal certification fees and those charges are a cost of doing business, so those burdensome costs are reflected in price increases to non-Muslim customers.

One halal expert, a Muslim, predicts that worldwide profits realized by imposing these costs will eventually exceed one trillion dollars, most of which goes to supporting the violence-prone policies and jihad manipulations of radical Islam/Sharia.

The irony is that halal certification now extends far beyond food products and covers the sale of an incredible variety of non-food items, including cosmetics, household cleaning products, etc., and the array extends so far from food that it can rightfully be considered a "tax racket."

We should demand that the financing of Islam's horrific "religious" practices be borne by their own captive followers, not those infidels whom their caliphate intends to brutally imprison.

When you do your shopping, ask about Halal Certification. Demand that your store post their policies with regard to halal on the front door, in their meat department and several other conspicuous locations.

Watch this five minute video about halal food certification.


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