Confronting the Islamic State


Ramachandra B. Abhyankar makes an excellent point in a recently published letter in the Tribune Star:

The Islamic State has become the number one enemy of the United States. Sun Tzu, the military general, strategist and philosopher of ancient China said: “Know thy enemy.”

Caliph Ibrahim of the Islamic State has a doctorate in Islam. To understand the leadership of the Islamic Caliphate, future military and political leaders of the United States ought to be trained in the Jihad and Sharia doctrines of Islam. These political doctrines should be taught in political science departments in universities across the United States. Currently Islam is taught in only the religious studies departments of universities; this must change.

The Center for the Study of Political Islam in Nashville, Tenn., has published several books that can support courses in Jihad and Sharia in university political science departments.

— Ramachandra B. Abhyankar, Terre Haute


WalterSieruk 10:13 AM  

The Muslim fiends of ISIS have proven by their own cruel and murderous actions that they are heinous villains who will not understand or respond to reason. Therefore the strong power of U.S. and NATO military might will be the only way the handle the thugs of ISIS. For powerful force of strong of military is the only language the the thugs of ISIS will understand. As Thomas Jefferson had explained "With every barbarous people...force is law."

Walter Sieruk 10:22 AM  

The thugs of ISIS with their evil and mad mindset may be described in the Bible. Which reads "The hearts of men are full of evil and their is madness in their hearts while they live,and afterwards they join the dead." Ecclesiastes 9:3. Furthermore, the fiends of ISIS are so very violent that the curse that is found in the Bible just might be on them. For the Bible reads in Psalm 140:11. "May disaster hunt down men of violence." [N.I.V.] Just wondering ? Could this disaster come on them in the form of missile airstrikes ?

Walter Sieruk 10:43 AM  

It could be that the Muslim thugs who composes the wicked, heinous and hideous force of ISIS are so much very evil, warped, sick and deluded that they might actually think of all the terrible evils they commit and something that is "good." If this is the case then the Bible has teaching concerning characters of such a evil ,warped, sick and deluded mindset. For example, the Bible in Isaiah 5:20 reads "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil." [N.I.V.]

reuben m 1:51 AM  

To exert force on isis the muslim sympathising commander in chief has to change. He has no guts to confront the truth.

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