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The following was written by Roy White, Chapter Coordinator for ACT! for America in San Antonio, Bexar, and Kendall. We've heard from him before about another project (read about it here). The reason we're publishing this is because we'd like to see this kind of project duplicated in other areas. Here is Roy White's message:

The ACT! for America San Antonio Chapter is sponsoring the 2014 Major Carl Dykman Freedom Essay Contest. High school juniors and seniors who live in the Texas Hill Country are eligible to submit their essay for consideration to win a $1000 cash award on the topic:

Under the US Constitution women and men are treated equally. Using Sharia law, are women and men treated equally? Based upon your conclusion, should America adopt the practice of the British and EU in allowing Sharia law within the US Court system?

With all of the sharia courts appearing in Europe and the UK along with the number of US judges here in the US that have decided cases based upon Sharia law, it is a topic worthy of discussion and bringing to the attention of students to debate and discuss.

Major Carl Dykman
We are honoring one of our founding members, Major Carl Dykman who passed away last year but who has been preaching and teaching about the dangers of Islam for many years. He was a WWII veteran who along with millions of others have fought to defend the freedoms we all love but that Islamic ideology finds to be “anti-Islamic.”

We want students to research for themselves the facts behind Islam and what the Quran says about the treatment of women and have laid that out in the rules that can be found here. An introductory letter can be found here. In honor of our veterans who have fought and died for these freedoms we will be honoring the winner on Veterans Day, Tuesday, Nov 11, at our monthly meeting.

I hope you will take this idea and reach out to public and private schools as well as homeschoolers to engage in the debate and conduct their own research. As Citizen Warrior says, people should read the Quran. I play this clip from Patton as a reminder to what we all should do when it comes to Muhammad: Magnificent Bastard.

Also, Brigitte Gabrielle will be speaking in San Antonio at the Village Parkway Baptist Church, 3002 Village Parkway on Monday, October 6th at 7 PM. People who are interested in attending can go to this link to register to attend. There is no cost to attend.

Lt Col Roy White (ret), Chapter Coordinator
ACT! for America San Antonio, Bexar, Kendall
Twitter: @ACTBexar


Ben 8:03 PM  

I can not judge the project without seeing its documentation. I hope that a bibliography is included plus a few leading questions.

At a high level of abstraction, gender inequality in Islam is probably too tough a subject for most high school students.

I can tell you for certain, that fifty years ago I had no clue and would know neither what to look for nor wehre to begin my quest.

I do not know whether I included it in my "Sharia and you" blog post series several years ago.

With my present level of knowledge, I would draw upon the Qur'an, Sunan Abu Dawud, Sahih Bukhari, Reliance of the
Taveler, Risala, The Life of Muhammad and Tabari.

The final product would be rejected for excessive length and I would be expelled from school for my conclusion.

Hints for participating students:

1. How does a Muslim perform istinja if his hand has been cut off?.

2. What are the woman;s deficiencies?

3. Who form the majority of dwellers of the fire?

3. What class of people are likened to dumb animals and prisoners in Moe's last sermon? Hint: ans. only found in Tabari 12 and Life of Moe.

4. Which gender is superior to the other and why?

5 What are the differential punishments for Zina?

6. What is the difference in inheritance under Shari'ah?

7. What is the differential in blood wit for accidental death?

Walter Sieruk 7:39 AM  

Concerning the subject of Sharia law. An internet news letter form dated 11/8/11 is still very relevant today. For some of it reads "U.S. courts have yielded to sharia. In effect ,our judicial system is failing to adhere to the very beliefs on which this country was founded. Sharia advocates are overturning our long-held legal traditions to follow precepts laid down by a faith that represents less than one percent of our population and whose beliefs are at odds with U..S legal and spiritual history.American law reflects Judeo-Christian values and traditions...which is now being threatened , as Sharia has encroached into American legal system , and Muslim advocacy groups have increased pressure to institute sharia...This immutable Islamic legal doctrine derives from the Koran and other Islamic Islamic texts ,interpretations and rulings. It mandates gender apartheid ,religious discrimination. Muslim supremacy ,cruel punishments and the denial of free speech and religion among other things. Requirements are detailed for every aspect of life, form the correct use of the toilet to the treatment of non-Muslims to proper wife-beating techniques. Islamic doctrine recognizes men as superior to women in matters of civil arbitration and thus promotes the unequal treatment of women...Clearly,sharia is at odds with everything in our Constitution to honor and preserve individual liberties and freedoms...Ultimately , it replaces the constitution with the objective of submitting to Islamic law,which denies freedom, equality ,tolerance and justice."

Walter Sieruk 10:55 AM  

How about listening to the Person Who knows much about such characters as Muhammad. Who in none other then Jesus. For Jesus had word of warning about the coming of the type of prophet as Muhammad. For Jesus warns "Beware of false prophet ,which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves." Matthew 7:15. Also,the Bible further warns that "many false prophet are gone out into the world." First John 4:1. [K.J.V.]
That these above scriptures do apply very much to Muhammad may be clearly seen and proven in the Christian internet site

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