Losing Our Sons, the Film


The following was written by Bill Warner, Director of the Center for the Study of Political Islam. We couldn't agree more with him about the DVD, Losing Our Sons.

the fathers of the sons
There is a marvelous film — a true story about real people that can awaken our friends and neighbors to the reality we all face in a most dramatic, convincing way. It's an excellent teaching tool.

Losing Our Sons is a personal story of two fathers: Melvin Bledsoe is a small business owner from Memphis, Tennessee, whose son, Carlos, converted to Islam and murdered US Army Recruiter Andy Long in Little Rock in 2009. Daris Long, a retired Marine from Conway, Arkansas, is Andy's father. Both fathers, as you can see from the two minute trailer, are extraordinarily powerful, eloquent men.

Take a look at the trailer at www.losingoursons.com and then consider buying the film. This is a good, quick and effective way to convince Americans that we indeed have a problem in this country that urgently needs to be addressed.

Here's what the experts say about Losing Our Sons:

"Riveting, powerful, educational and a must see for every American"
BRIGITTE GABRIEL, Founder President of ACT! For America

"The film stands as a warning to Americans about the consequences of a failing civic leadership."
DANIEL PIPES, Founder and director of the Middle East Forum

"A must watch for Washington policy makers, too many of whom refuse to acknowledge the obvious threats"
FRANK J. GAFFNEY, JR. Reagan Pentagon official, President, Center for Security Policy

"A wrenching wake-up call."
ANDREW C. MCCARTHY, Former Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York

Losing Our Sons was produced by Americans for Peace and Tolerance, a Boston-based organization that exposes Islamic extremists across the country and empowers local citizens to fight radical Islam in their own communities. You can see their work and sign up to receive their updates at www.peaceandtolerance.org.


Anonymous 2:47 PM  

Dear Citizen,

we need another ideology to counter fundamental Islam. Nazism, Communism, imperialism almost vanished. But only ideology strong like above can counter Islam. With HR and democracy concerned, we can never win them. Otherwise, civilized world will be gone for a certain period (another dark age) .

If World War 3 against Muslims seem inevitable, do it now when we sure we can win.
Dont wait until their population swell to higher level.

If Christians launch crusade. Then Hindus, Buddhists, Jews are all your allies.

Hail from Myanmar (Burma).
We are fighting muslims now. We campaign against mosque building and religious teaching. In some towns, people destroyed it. Not a single muslim in our 600,000 army. A lot of conflicts . But one good thing is we dont care HR. Therefore terrorists dare not suicide bombing. If they do, we can kill all muslims at nation wide level in few days.
We are very soft and nice people because of our religoin. According to religion, we cant even kill an ant.
But ethnically we Burmese have very volatile blood.If muslims killed one of us, we will kill 100 of them.

Come on, lets have war on those muslim pigs
Unite the whole world to prevent islamization.

kaafir 8:24 AM  

Sir Citizen Warrior,

We are on a very bad time now. The real problem is not the muslims. No, not even those who like son of this movie, convert to Islam. The real culprits are these people.


They believe that Christians should love / respect Islam too. These Christians believe in peace for muslims too. You can read that in detail here:


Unless we destroy such people, we cannot think of destroying Islam. If our own people keep supporting barbarian muslims, I am afraid that all civilizations will end by 2014, starting from Christianity.

To my friend named Anonymous

Unfortunately, killing is not the right thing to do. There are few reasons

0: They breed like rabbits. The only difference is that rabbits marry once while muslims do that 4 times. So, if we kill 1, they will breed 400.

1: Human Rights organizations like UN are with muslims. If we kill them, muslims will get a chance to say that they are victims of terrorism. UN will put us in trouble. We non muslims are paying the price just because we are civilized & they (the muslims) aren't.

2: If killing is the right solution, do we need non muslims for that. Muslims are sufficient to fight with each other & die.

As far as Burma is concerned, the media is simply crook & evil. They show only the atrocities committed by the non muslims. In reality, Burma has killed only 42. The media showed 76. I agree that sometimes the situation becomes worst and the President ordered national emergency but it is not on the large scale. All this is negligible compared to 50 Buddhists murdered by Jihadists daily. We non muslims are big losers and there is no way out...

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