Cadbury Goes Halal


Kraft now certifies its Cadbury products to be halal. This means that the candy is certified to be manufactured according to Islamic dietary standards. This is one more way products that conform to Sharia law are inserted into our stores. All the lamb from Australia and New Zealand sold in Costco stores is halal. It is a stealthy compliance with Sharia law.

Sharia law's prime directive is that Islamic norms dominate all other cultures. Sharia law aims to be the sole law governing all human beings on earth.

Below is a list of the products, directly from Cadbury’s web page, that comply with Sharia’s halal practice.

Halal Products at Cadbury

Orthodox Muslims don’t even recognize Easter or Christmas. If you buy Cadbury products, you will be supporting the creeping insertion of Sharia law. Islam is a ratchet. It only goes one way.

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Anonymous 11:57 AM  

While I am apposed to all forms of Islamic law, I'll bet this move of Cadbury is simply a marketing ploy so they can sell more Chocolate.

Shaheryar 4:18 PM  

Oh noze! Halal products! While I haven't bothered to read all your stories on here, this one just makes me laugh, although I can see why you would give this so much importance due to the "Creeping Islam" or whatever your theme is.

Halal is much like how Jews have Kosher food. It is food that is permissible to consume for Muslims. By having certified 'halal' meat at the local restaurant, or market, it means it is easier to obtain, and the businesses capture more of a consumer base (Muslims). Or Muslims could limit their deli purchases to only middle eastern/muslim owned stores, which would simply mean these local business would miss out on a lot of profits.

How this has any negative affect on the rest of the people is beyond me, but here I am on an Islamophobic website so why would I look for logic here.

Citizen Warrior 12:27 PM  

Shaheryar, the reason to oppose any support for halal foods is that it is part of a broader trend; namely, the replacement of other cultures with Islam. That's what Islam does.

In what is now known as "the Muslim world" the percentage of Muslims has continued to grow over the centuries as non-Muslims eventually leave or tire of the second-class dhimmi status and capitulate.

All those Muslim countries used to be Christian and Jewish people primarily. Orthodox Islam replaces cultures with Islam. It can do it by taking over the government, which it has done historically and as recently as Lebanon and Egypt. Or it can do it by the slower process of gaining one concession to Islam at a time, as it is doing in Europe and to a lesser degree in the United States (because the Muslim population is as yet low).

Here are examples of the kinds of concessions:

I'd like you to notice something: You see other cultures yielding to Islamic norms and Islamic demands, but you never see Islamic culture yielding to anything. Islam is a ratchet. It only goes one way until the existing culture has been replaced by Islam. That's why we should boycott companies that yield in any way to Islam.

Anonymous 10:13 PM  

Hi CW,

I looked into this and got answerw from Cadbury in America - they are owned by Hersey in America and they told me emphatically that none of their chocolate is certified halal in America. Keep up the great work... You are going to be the backbone of a new chapter in Concrete... :)

Anonymous 2:56 PM  

bummer, I was really looking forward to Cadbury's line of chocolate dipped pork chops.

random problems - random solutions 10:17 PM  

Do you live in New Zealand or Australia? If not, you have no right to comment on other people's affairs.

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