Possible Approach: I Just Read the Koran…


I'm thinking of writing a series called "Possible Approaches."

How do you bring up the subject of Islam, jihad, etc., in polite company without seemingly coming out of nowhere and being seen as a paranoid, racist nutcase? One possible approach I've used many times with success goes like this:

First, ask in a casual way, “Do you know much about Islam?”

And then follow up with, “I just read the Koran, and it was so interesting. I mean, the first three fourths of it weren't very interesting, but the last fourth really surprised me. Did you know it was all written by one person?”

You could actually go in many different directions after, "I just read the Koran." Of course, the only people who can use this approach are people who have read the Koran, but if you have, this starts the conversation with you in a position of authority, immediately gets the other person interested, and sets the stage for some very straightforward education. Give it a shot and let us know how it worked.

And if you have tried other approaches that worked, please share them with your fellow citizen warriors. Leave a comment (by clicking here) or email us (by clicking here) and we'll put it in the comments for you.


River Fred 10:27 AM  

I usually start the conversation by asking if they know anything about the Prophet Mohammad,the founder of Islam. 99% of the time the answer is no. Then they listen and are rather shocked to learn about this so called Prophet and his so called revelations that were mostly self serving.

Citizen Warrior 1:37 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

l. I carry with me an arabic or persian newspaper ( or if you don't have one get a teach yourself arabic book), if on an airplane or sitting near strangers pretend to read it, the squiggly snake like script usually attracts attention. Then smile and say oh i'm learning arabic a bit to be more familiar with their culture and ESPECIALLY THEIR RELIGION...I'VE been wondering with all those violence and terrorism.....i was surprised ( ahem!) to learn that all of that killings is really from the koran ! and their religion.
works especially for me since i'm non-arabic looking and it looks weird for me to be reading an arabic newspaper.

for other's perhaps an Arabic Manual or beginners book will be better. Pretend to laboriously trace out the arabic alphabet 30 times or simple words like كتاب
، محمد ( kitab/book or mohammad ).....or just hold the book or pretend to labour out loud " the arabic words transliterated in english'.....and if the guy or lady next to you is curious , smile and break the ice and say , ' am trying to learn arabic , trying to find out more about their RELIGION and culture as to why so much violence....do you know much about Islam ? ....then go from there

a variant form that one of my friend uses would be to use a loud or reasonably loud Arabic tape/music when he is in the park or public places like at the beach...and this always attracts attention , cos arabic music is like 'thousand and one nites' and mesmerizing like snake charmers music especially with arabic vocalist in it...like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiDoHy0Pmfc

I always get attention at the park and beach , and people will either say what the f......k is that music , turn it off ! or they will say ..weird...why do you listen to it....then i will use it as an ice breaker and lead them into a conversation about Islam ( the sad part about all this is that i love the arab people, their music, culture etc....it is not the human being but the hideous ideology of Islam that has ruined a people ! Muslims are the first victim of Mohammads demonic legacy )...i have a friend whose son would turn it up full volume in his fancy car and that will drive the young friends he run around with crazy .....and then he will kind of lead them into a conversation ( so glad that some young ones are catching on to the danger of islam ....they are the next generation that will have to live with islam in ascendancy )

Citizen Warrior 1:38 PM  

The same person added this:

Another approach that i use with my co-rebel rousers " Joe " and his wife " Janet", would be for us to sit in a restaurant, especially when we are within hearing range of our target 'audiences'...and then 'Janet" will launch into a heart rending story about how her classmate got married to this 'damn ' muslim guy from saudi arabia ( forget about ethics...remember Sun Tzu says : WAR IS DECEIT.....we people of the judeo christian, vedic and buddhist and Taoist tradition play by the golden rule...the mohammadians do not....The indian buddhists followed the buddhist rule of non violence and lay down to be slaughtered by the invading muslims in india and are not around anymore to make a statement, the buddhist mongols under Genghis Khan decided to temporarily suspend the buddhist tenet of non violence and took the battle to the gates of Baghdad and almost single handedly wipe out islam from the face of the earth....almost !) Janet has an axe to grind with Islam, so do I and you all should too !

....she would wailed out loud , how the muslim husband will abuse her, almost kill her and the in laws would support that because in their Islamic religion , a woman is worse than a dog and is a property....and then " joe" and " I" will chime in and we will have a rather animated 'conversation' and it usually works cos the guys and girls in the next table will say something....and then we will get the ball rolling. " Janet " is quite a drama queen :) ...and she can really get another person's attention.

......she actually carries a stack of cards with a Woman's face hideously disfigured by acid ...with the captions " this is what Islam will do to You" and then the website for www.thereligionofpeace.com, www.actforamerica.org ,www.radicalislam.org , www.faithfreedom.org
( she really did have a sister injured by a muslim husband ...so she's sort of on a personal crusade)

my opinion is that ,really the best way to reach the largest amount of people is via the internet and social services site like face book etc. twitter etc.

Jane, ( and i do that also) ....would post some relatively innocous article about iran and the danger of iran getting a nuclear weapon and then slide into a conversation about Islam and then she would post this and that such as "


or this


and then she would supply them this www.thereligionofpeace.com , www.radicalislam.org ,www.citizenwarrior.org , www.faithfreedom.org etc

another site she gives out for people working the internet is this : http://wikiislam.net/wiki/Internet_Toolbox

Unknown 2:26 AM  

I often innocently ask my Muslims friends the following:

Why there are so similarty in Muslims and Hindus? For example, when Hindus perform pilgrimige, then shave their head, circumambulate 7 times fire or tree, they also collect holy water and wear same time of attire. Why there are so many similarties? Who incluenced how? If Islam is heavenly religion, how come pagan's rituls came into Islam.

Many of them do not have any clue where to find answers for such questions. Then mention, you see such ritual only exist in Hindu India and Hindus still practice.

Don't forget to mention that before Islam, the Arabs were idol worshipers and Idol worshipers are Hindu in this world.

Citizen Warrior 1:39 AM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Try our book full of suggestions, "Out of Islam: Free at Last" on Amazon by Daniel Ali.

Damon Whitsell 12:21 PM  

I wanted to make sure you get these. Please view and share. TY.

AMERICA IN CRISIS: Intelligence Briefing On The Muslim Brotherhood In America by John Guandolo


1st: http://youtu.be/qxP6dJL0G4A
2nd : http://youtu.be/fCa5zm8i0Ks

On July 24th John Guandolo gave this intelligence briefing on the MB in Georgia. This mini-brief is four hours of a usual 3 day briefing that Guandolo used to give to law enforcement and intelligence officials. Here are Guandolos credentials.

About the Presenter -- “Counterterrorism expert and former federal agent John Guandolo graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1989, accepting a commission as an Officer in the United States Marines. He served as a combat Infantry Platoon Commander with the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment during Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield and as a Platoon Commander, Assistant Operations Officer, and Airborne and Diving Officer in the 2nd Force Reconnaissance Company between 1991 and 1996. John resigned his commission in the Marines in 1996 and joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the Washington, DC Field Office. He investigated numerous cases while at the FBI, and in addition to serving as Swat Team Leader for the Washington Field Office, was one of the Bureau's Advanced Capability Medics. While working in the FBI's Counterterrorism Division, John acquired substantial knowledge and expertise in the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Law (a.k.a. shari'ah) and teaching, and the Global Islamic Movement (GIM). His accumulated knowledge on these and related subjects earned him the FBI's "Subject Matter Expert" (SME)" designation, a role that afforded him the opportunity to design and implement the FBI's first counter-terrorism training”.

Guandolo has been giving this same presentation, since 2003, to the U.S. intelligence community, before it was ‘outlawed” by our government. He obviously knows this material inside and out. The evidence for MB infiltration into our government is epically overwhelming. Not only that, the evidences of Al Quada and Hamas infiltration are also as overwhelming.

Take for instance Aldurahman Alamoudi and Anwar Alawki. Aldurahman Alamoudi was the top advisor to Bill Clinton on Islam. Alamoudi also started over 20 MB front groups in America, our Military Muslim Chaplin Program and was instrumental in choosing textbooks on Islam in American public schools. It turns out that not only is he MB, he is also Hammas and is in prison now for plotting with Hammas to kill a Saudi Arabian Prince and providing financing to Hammas. Anwar Alawki was the top advisor to George W. Bush on 911 and was the go to guy about policy towards Islam after 911. After many months of advising the administration and even holding prayer events at the U.S. Capitol Building, it was determined that Anwar Alawki was Hammas. Years later Obama would order a drone missile strike to take Anwar Alawki out. And it is almost as bad now as it was then. COULD WE AT LEAST KEEP HAMMAS OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENT?

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