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The following Action Alert just arrived in my inbox from ACT! for America. Let's add momentum to this important legislation!



This week, the U.S. Senate is scheduled to consider S. 1813, a transportation bill called “MAP-21.” We expect Senators Maria Cantwell (D-WA) and Richard Lugar (R-IN) to offer S.1603, their Open Fuel Standard (OFS) Act as an amendment to the transportation legislation (amendment #1657).

The auto industry has been blanketing the Hill in opposition to the OFS amendment, using patently false claims. To counter that message, it is critical that our U.S. Senators hear voluminous and loudsupport for the amendment from the folks back home. ACT! for America’s 185,000 grassroots members can easily provide that support. Will you help us make this impact?

The Open Fuel Standard Act is very much needed legislation—especially at this point in time. With the return of increased gas prices due to OPEC’s standard manipulation, as well as the Iranian regime’s dangerous game- playing using oil as a negotiating tool, it’s time for us to finally sever OPEC’s chokehold. The OFS Act will move us in that direction. Brazil has already done it successfully and other nations are moving in the same direction.

While there certainly are numerous valid approaches to transportation fuel independence (most of which we fully support), the Open Fuel Standard legislation is the easiest first step. At zero cost to the Federal Government, and only $70 to $100 per vehicle, passage of the OFS Act will finally provide Americans a choice when filling up their gas tanks—just like we all have a choice for every other product offered to us. It will allow free market capitalism to be applied to the transportation fuel industry—something that currently does not exist.

We must finally cut the cord that keeps us dependent on wealthy dictators and Islamist nations for our gasoline. Further, we must stop funding Islamist terrorists every time we fill up our gas tanks. Passage of the Cantwell/Lugar Amendment is our opportunity to do so.


Please take a moment today to send your U.S. Senator an e-mail of support for the Cantwell/Lugar OFS amendment. Simply click on the Alert titled, “Cantwell/Lugar OFS Amendment” and follow the simple directions!

Thank you for all of your efforts. Together we will achieve freedom from OPEC oil!



Anonymous 6:20 PM  

I want to be free of ALL foreign oil, with Canada being a small exception.... Maybe. But I think that the answer lies very far away from flex-fuels. We must utilize our OWN oil, and with our technology we could be free of OPEC forever! I love America and her hard working people, especially farmers..... but using our top food commodity as a fuel source, well, it's not only stupid, but it's extremely costly. Not to mention, the inescapable fact that the always over-reaching federal government should have NO hand in the matter. Sorry ethanol farmers, but the government should not have you on the take. Now, with our own oil being our best option..... perhaps a better direction in which to look for an alternative fuel source is natural gas. Perhaps.....

Citizen Warrior 1:58 AM  

Your point of view is based on outdated information. With 15 square miles of the Mohave Desert (where no food is grown), algae farms could provide all the fuel needed for the entire U.S.

The fastest way to move this technology forward is to give ethanol and methanol (often made from natural gas and cheaper than gasoline at the moment) a chance to compete with gasoline. The least expensive way to do that is by making cars flex-fuel capable.

Another thing to think about: Oil is already drilled in the U.S. Does the stuff drilled here sell for less than the oil drilled in Saudi Arabia? No. Because the price of oil is set by OPEC.

Even if we drilled ALL our own oil within our borders, oil companies would sell it at the going world market price — set by OPEC. To lower the price requires fuel competition.

FactsRule 10:01 AM  

Citizenwarrior is #1 on my list of web sites regarding Islam. It's the most educational out there. I am in awe of this site. But I don't think that you're correct about fuel. I haven't looked into algae but cannot believe that we are anywhere near being able to use it. We are sitting on more oil than Saudi Arabia. Adding more oil to the market lowers the price. If OPEC doesn't like the price so low & decides to raise it by slowing production, we gain by more money coming in from countries buying our oil cheaper, driving OPEC's price down to compete. Then there's useable & abundant natural gas. When Brigitte came out in favor of flex fuel I got nervous. America's dwindling taxpayers absolutely cannot afford ANY subsidies. Technology MUST match a need & it must WORK. We cannot power our vehicles with wind, sun, or water. Hybrid vehicles, yes; electric cars do NOT work well enough. Even with 27 billion dollars given GM, they only sold a few thousand Volts. Ethanol costs more to use, is less efficient, reduces food available for the world's poorest people, & causes more pollution because of the way it's produced & shipped. The ONLY INTELLIGENT WAY to have a reasonable reduction in fuel cost is to drill & frac. everywhere we can in America. Algae is equivalent to moon dust currently.

Citizen Warrior 2:25 PM  

Thank you, FactsRule. I appreciate that.

The Open Fuel Standard has no subsidies and is not about ethanol.

It makes it possible for fuels to compete with each other.

Producing more oil does not lower the price of oil. Twice as much oil is being produced than when OPEC was first created, especially from new oil finds like Norway. But OPEC simply responds by lowering its production to keep the price high.

Anonymous 3:56 PM  

Ethanol can now be made out of coal and natural gas for 40% less than corn based ethanol. It winds up being equal to $60/barrel oil.

Google Celanese Corporations TCX process.

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