Jihad Kills


Killed by the Ku Klux Klan: 1500

Killed by Nazi Germany: 40 million
Killed by jihad: 270 million

Jihad kills more people per year than were killed in 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition. (source) Jihad kills more people every day than the Ku Klux Klan has killed in the last 50 years. (source)


Citizen Warrior 12:06 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Actually the total no. of people killed by Islam may well exceed 300,000,000. Remember the Buddhists and Jains did not keep record. Also the muslim emperors of India did away with the sikhs..and the no. is still an estimate, probably 10 million jains? 20 million buddhists , 10 million sikhs? and countless millionns of jews and animists etc. in the wstern world we don't have hard figures for the copts, anatolian greeks,armenians,bahaiis, sabaeans,,zoroatrians ,animists etc etc.

Ironically Jews were already so decimated that the no. of jews killed by islam registers only a small blip on the bloodsoaked tapestry of Jihad. Strangely enough it was the central asian buddhists in the incarnation of Genghis Khan and his Sons Kublai Khan and Hulagu that laid waste to Islam and almost wiped Islam off the planet earth. Tragically Genghis and his sons made a mortal mistake in allowing his buddhist mongol soldiers to marry muslim women in the conquered lands, thus in a few generations the central asian buddhists became muslims and in turn became the marauding hordes that threatened china thus instigating the building of the great wall of china which complete epithet in chinese actually translates :" the Great Wall built to keep out the marauding islamic hordes " ( many in the west do not know why the great wall of china was built , now they know ! the islamic ambassadors sent to convert the chinese refused to bow before the Tang emperors, and the chinese immediately knew that islam was trouble ! see the video below, today China has about 300 million chinese muslims, a torn in the side and giving the chinese communist ( another fascist ideology like nazism) a run for their money !. Islam, communism and nazism are fascist ideologies, but unlike the later 2 which are purely political ideology, islam has mixture of both politics and religion, making it especially toxic and super dangerous !

A propos , the buddhists in india chosed the non violent path - they lay down and allowed the islamic hordes to slaughter them without resistance. On the contrary their co-religionist in central asia - the mongols under the tutelage of Genghiz Khan and his progenies decided to temporarily suspend the buddhist tenets of extreme non violence and decided to take the battle to the islamists and the rest is history ! Apparently the islamists are not unlike rabid dogs, they are impervious to reason and rationality - extreme circumstances sometimes call for extreme measures...as unpalatable as it may be, history has borne this out. Additionally there is a not so well know koranic prophecy that portents the destruction of islam in a fiery inferno...perhaps the Devil has foresight as to how his mischief may end. It is highly possible that given the unpredictable and nefarious nature of islam, that some islamists may choose to commit a crime so heinous and devastating that it may temporarily so outrage the civilized world that the thin veneer of civility and rationalilty may temporarily peel away so that the victims of this jihadist global catastrophe- nuclear or otherwise -may retaliate with such vehemence and savagery as to wipe islam permanently off the surface of the planet for good ! Such unhoped for extirpation of a planetary blight spawned in the desert of arabia may well come to pass if this prophecy hold..... and if such an event should transpire , i shudder to think that it will make the holocaust of the jews pale in comparison !

Citizen Warrior 12:09 PM  

The same commenter above added some links to videos:

lessons to be learned from history ....the west are foolhardy and clueless , we had better learn the lessons of history !


Hulagu Khan - Baghdad Massacre - YouTube


The violent response of the erstwhile peaceful buddhist nomadic mongols did not occur in a vacuum. It was in response to centuries of islamic oppression, incursions, terrorism and appaling muslim atrocities committed against infidels. It is most ironic that the followers of extremely peaceful buddhism could eventually shed their tenets of civility to the point of retaliating in a manner of utmost savagery. This historical event should present as a precautionary tale to every non muslim country who cherish civilization and civility which are but veneers that are skin deep. Regretfully history has a knack for repeating itself. I fear a day will come when the doctrine of hate and violence inherent in the trilogy of islam will compel the islamist to perpetrate a global catastrophe so heinous and revolting that the infidels of the world will resort to the savagery of the erstwhile peaceful buddhist mongols to retaliate in such a manner as to extirpate islam once and for all from the face of earth, thus fulfilling an ancient buddhist shamanic prophecy of the day when the work of Genghiz Khan and Hulagu (holaco) Khan will be completed when islam will be destroyed in an inferno ! ( a similar and less known mohammadian /koranic prophecy foretells the similar end of islam )

Citizen Warrior 12:10 PM  

And still more from the same commenter:


Islam's China Wars-751 A.D-Battle of Talas
Islam's China Wars-751 A.D-Battle of Talas - YouTube


None of these countries had ever attacked a Muslim nation to bring about a retaliatory Muslim invasion. They had all been invaded by Muslims to compel the inhabitants to embrace Islam. The same happened with China. The Dawat-ul-Islam (Invitation to embrace Islam) was sent out by the Muslim gangster-prophet Mohammed-ibn-Abdallah to the kings of the neighboring countries, and if they did not submit to one of the two conditions viz: “Embrace Islam or Pay the Jaziya or face a Muslim invasion, then they had to face a Muslim Jihadi onslaught.
China was one of those countries which had been sent an invitation by the founder of Islam himself Mohammed-ibn-Abdallah to embrace Islam. This invitation had also been sent to three other kings of Zoroastrian Persia, of Christian Byzantine and to a Hindu king of Kerala in India.


Kilauea Poetry 9:32 PM  

Well well, there is a little Koranic prophesy huh? Boy they're sure a blood thirsty lot aren't they?!
I just came upon your blog and have been enjoying it..keep up the good work!
Cheers from the Pacific~

Unknown 10:11 PM  

Lolol I bet you beleive 6 million jews where killed during the holohoax..huh? Lmfao

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