Ten Years Later


The innocent victims of 9/11 — without knowing it, without volunteering — woke up the world to a 1400-year process of cultural usurpation by Islamic believers.

May they rest in peace.

I know some people would say the world has not awakened. But nearly everyone in the counterjihad movement today was jarred awake on that September morning ten years ago, and began to climb out of their ignorance because of 9/11. And most of us have helped others understand what happened and why. The knowledge is spreading.

There is, of course, still much to be done. So let us renew our commitment on this day that the sacrifice of the 9/11 victims was not made in vain. Let us find the strength to reach those who still ardently hope Islam means peace but suspect it might not. Let us find the skill to shatter their cracked and crumbling theories. Let us rededicate ourselves to exposing the ideology that motivated the jihadis of 9/11.

Light up the darkness.


Anonymous 2:08 PM  

The only hope of truly helping the situation between the West and Islam etc. lies in our efforts and ability to sell the truth. The truth is oblivious to the masses because they have been told a lie. We have been almost forced to accept that lie. The lie that says Islam and it's followers is not the culprit and is not to be "persecuted" as an enemy.

So what are we going to do about it ? Are we getting anywhere ?

John Sobieski 7:19 PM  

I think what disappoints me most is not the ignorance of the public, but our leaders, our TOP leaders. Would you expect the Secretary of Defense to dismiss the 'islam is the problem' proposition? These leaders are not supposed to be easily misled, they can smell a sham, at least that is what we had expected.

Anonymous 3:31 AM  

Necessity is the Mother of Invention and perhaps it is strategically best that the Western leaders have not declared war on Islam as opposed to war on terrorism.

Declaring war on Islam would mobilise about a quarter of the world’s population into a militant surge against the rest of us.

However that said what the non-Muslim world needs to do is to stop the continuous encroachment of Islam, especially Sharia Law.

The non-Muslim world needs to unite against the UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) and stop the whittling away of these secular humanist rights by the CDHRI (Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam).

By defending the UDHR the rope pays itself out and Islam hoists itself by its own petard.

The Three Arab Spring Sisters (Tunisia/Egypt/Libya) is another opportunity for strategic evaluation – especially Libya.

We must watch carefully how these nations unfold now and where they breach the UDHR.

Now more than ever the four Greater Unbeliefs (The West/Russia/China/India) need to work together.

Two strategic Lesser Unbeliefs are also important to be brought into the equation.

Brazil and South Africa, both members of BRICS.

Brazil because it is the anchor for Latin America and South Africa because it seeks to secure ever greater levels of the UDHR.

Anonymous 10:34 AM  

Why did Al Qaeda choose September 11?

See this article:


September 11, 1683 is when Christian armies crushed the army of the Ottoman Empire at the Gates of Vienna.

Why is the proposed mosque at Ground Zero part of the Cordoba Project?

The Spanish successfully ousted the Muslims from the Iberian Peninsula, one of the chief cities of the Islamic oppressors being Cordoba.

Islamists use dates and place names with impunity, mocking us thanks to the PCs and the Useful Western Idiots (as Lenin called Western Leftists) that thrive amongst us ...

Anonymous 1:06 PM  

By chance I discovered this article:


In Apartheid South Africa, Indians (mostly non-Muslim) were referred to as "charras" ... (this might not be the right spelling).

Thus could be a plural derivative of "chura" ...

If so this is extraordinary!

Not only were blacks referred to as 'kafirs' in Apartheid South Africa but it seems that the derogatory term for Indians may have once again been borrowed from Islamic terms of contempt, this time for Christian Indians.

Goes to show that even White non-Muslim supremacists found Islamic supremacism useful, if only for the use of contemptuous terms.

Anonymous 7:48 AM  

The fascinating article below predicted 9/11:


We must now carefully watch the Three Arab Spring Sisters, especially Libya, as they unfold.

This time if Libya ends up as a Taliban like state after the help from Nato, Leftists and the PC will finally have the proverbial egg well and truly smeared all of their faces, and rightfully so!

Anonymous 8:42 AM  

Turkey is aspiring to return to Ottoman days.

We need to keep a wary eye on her as well, Islam's Trojan Horse disguised as a "democracy".

Zeyno Baran has this to say about Turkey:


Turkey should be kept out of the EU and worse still, we will yet regret her presence in Nato.

She will eventually be the backdoor for nuclear aggression from Iran. How can she be trusted with a missile shield against Iran?

When the choice comes she will choose Islam.

Her neighbour, Syria, has killed almost three thousand civilians in six months of unrest - yet Turkey has increased her hostility towards Israel over the Gaza Aid Flottila incident (ten deaths) with hardly a murmur about the atrocities next door in Syria!

Turkey will push for entrance into BRICS.

The Three Greater Unbeliefs in BRICS (Russia/China/India) will hopefully not allow this.

Brazil is too "anti-gringo" and a potential supporter of Turkey.

South Africa, mesmerised by its stunning secular democractic miracle, naively too believing in the innate goodness of all cultures and religions!

Turkey will use South Africa as the way in to BRICS.

Anonymous 1:33 PM  

Ten years after 9/11 the sheer stupidity of the Politically Correct West never ceases to amaze!

Baroness Flather, Britain’s first female Asian peer, says that migrants (especially Pakistanis and Bangladeshis) are having big families to claim benefits!

Read more:


On Sunday, 9/11, elements of these communities demonstrated in London threatening to impose Sharia Law in the US (and by default the West)!

Islamists are laughing their heads off as they sharpen their swords to cut off ours!

Anonymous 12:25 PM  

Ten years after 9/11 our most important mission must surely be to protect and promote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

For those who are not familiar with all 30 articles (a quick read) here it is below:


It does not take much to realise that most Islamic nations are unable to conform to these 30 articles.

Furthermore, it can be easily understood that Islamist activists in Western countries are against the UDHR.

Sharia Law and the UDHR are simply not compatible!

That is all there is to it ...

Anonymous 12:56 AM  

A useful site to help us understand the Quicksands of the Quran:


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