How Did September 11 Change You?


YouTube and the New York Times have invited you to make a video of yourself answering one of three questions. The video doesn't need to be professional or well-edited. It doesn't need to be filmed by a good camera. They just want to hear you answering one of the questions. Watch their 54-second invitation here:

One of the questions is: "How did September 11th change you?" If you don't want to make a video, we would love to hear your answer. You can leave your comment, or email us and we'll post it for you. How did September 11th change you?


Anonymous 6:15 AM  

Sept 11th changed the way I thought of Islam. It made me realise the depths these people could sink to ratify there dubious religion. Since then I started "investigating" Islam, and now, having done so for several years...having been awoken, I know that it is a poisenous, evil, theocratic Political party maquerading as a religion, who's sole purpose is world domination.

They even have managed to create an "Islamic State" withing the UK, in the middle of our dear London.

I hate Islam, and every liberal, hand wringing apologetic that supports its evil march of death.

I did not make a video because in the UK here, if you get recognised, they murder you, its as simple as that, and if THEY dont murder you the new "hate speech laws" our government has introduced will jail you (as long as your not a muslim and white that is, muslims are never jailed for hate speech).

Stephen Borkowski 6:55 AM  

It gave me more impetus to keep trying to get my policy of having an international disclaimer by
teachers of religion to prevent brain washing of young minds. If Cramer needs a disclaimer when discussing stocks based on his interpretation of the facts, who doesn't when discussing Faith yet to be proven?

Anonymous 7:16 AM  

It has left me sad, angry, frustrated and with a deep mistrust of our politicians who have done nothing to curb the dangers of islam pervading and taking a deathly hold on the West.

Anonymous 2:37 PM  

Before that I didn't know anything about Islam or Muslims. I have been studying Islam since 2002. I am a member of Act for America and fight political and radical Islam.

Citizen Warrior 4:35 PM  

Someone emailed this response:

It did not change me per se except to say that it was unbelievable that Americans were so smug as to believe that they were immune to certain events in the world. Of course I absolutely abhor what happened but as an American Jewish woman, I felt that now the people here could understand a little about what Israelis have to live with daily. The fear that even taking a bus to work may be their last act on earth, or when their children set off to school or went to a club that they would be killed. What has the world done about Gilad Shalit? Nothing.

Kelly Kafir 11:34 PM  

It sent me to war. And when I retired from the military, I joined ACT for America and am fighting the same war on the American front.

It made me realize that this was no longer a "Middle East problem" that I could ignore.

This was a coordinated attack and I had to "know thine enemy"...

Thanks CW for your articles! Especially loved the "What About Bob" article - SO TRUE!!!

Damien 9:06 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

I'd have to say that Nine Eleven was my wake up call. I was extremely naive and innocent prior to 9/11 compare to now. I was also much more carefree and less worried about the state of the world. I knew America had enemies and that there were people would just love to take our freedom away, but for the most part I had no idea how bad things were. It still took me awhile to see just how much danger we are in, but it was a slow process that began on 9/11. Prior to 9/11 I knew very little about Islam, I knew a little bit about Muhammad, but very little about what he actually did during his life, and what he told his followers. I had no idea what a monster he was. I also did not know how much irrational hatred so many Muslims had for anyone who didn't share their faith.

Citizen Warrior 11:13 AM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Since 9/11/2001 I have read every thing that I could find on the Muslim belief. I cannot call it a religion as that would denigrate the other beliefs of men. I have obtained a Koran and have read all that I can find on Muhammad. What I have read causes me to wonder how any one could ever be so stupid as to believe what is in the Koran has any thing to do with Peace, Religion, or Truth. I would feel a lot safer if the Muslim population was on the decline.

Anonymous 3:35 PM  

How did September 11th change me? Easy. It didn't - not much anyways.

Of course I was dismayed and horrified to learn the attack occurred. I was impressed and humbled by the valour of the Americans on United 93, as well as the courage and self-sacrifice of the FDNY and NYPD. But neither surprised me. I always knew that Americans were the most valiant people. I knew that there was was terrorism before that day, this was only a change of scale... An epic change admittedly.

However, my view was really changed on September 12th.

That was when I saw video of celebrations and parties erupting in the streets of Ramallah and Gaza. I asked myself "how many other places is this happening, where there aren't western news agency cameras?" So I decided to read. I learned that this was not an isolated phenomenon. That was when I came to the dreadful realization that this terrorism was not the work of just individuals or small groups, but rather the work of individuals and groups supported by a civilization-spanning facilitation network, providing something more valuable than explosives, training or money... They provided moral support.

I had always thought that terrorism, assuming it to be just the work of madmen and psychopaths, was as unpredictable and unpreventable as a random animal attack or bolt of lightning. But I was wrong, it was entirely predictable. The attack was announced fourteen centuries earlier, but we chose to ignore the warning; A warning given to the world by a vile self-declared "prophet" who so clearly and unequivocally directed his followers (and his followers' descendants) to commit such acts of violence in perpetuity, until his sick ideology dominated the globe.

My view was changed further on September 12th in another way. I learned just how deeply some traitors amongst us hate our own society. A seemingly endless parade of talking heads on the television, lauded with professional accolades, academic titles, or celebrity status, admonished us that "we deserved this," or expressed smug satisfaction at finally being proven "right" somehow. I slowly became aware that they hated their ideological opponents more than they loved their fellow man. It was deeply depressing, yet I was heartened by the popular outrage that was directed towards such obsequiousness, at least initially. But over time, their foul narrative has gained traction in the minds of the incurious, and there's no longer as much popular outrage directed to such treason.

I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised by that either, for I also learned that Westerners love nothing more than to hate ourselves.

That's how I changed... On September 12th.

Anonymous 7:57 AM  

9-11 had me shocked. I was a naive and the only Islamic Doctrine information I had was from my college professors and of course, I was lied to. Kinda want my money back! I remember stating, why would Muslims do this, their religion is so peaceful - not much different that Christianity. I knew not what I was talking about. For years, I continued to deny educating myself and chose to listen to CNN and the government official speeches about Islam. My father, one day shouted at me saying I was believing the lies and that I needed to grow up. He didn't specify which lies but he left me to start to wonder. It wasn't until 2009 I finally started to notice a strong pattern of reality not matching the mantra of "Islam is a religion of peace." So, I got on line and started to read. I was shocked but my mind quickly accepted it as the current events demonstrated that the behavior matched the literature. I was so angry when I realized how much I had been lied to. Spent a lot of time telling everyone I knew what I had discovered but it was met with the same denial I carried for so many years. Now that I educated myself, made my own decision, and was willing to share it - a past professor of mine whom I stayed in contact with now considers me hateful and a disappointment. Ironic.

How has it changed me? I am now not living in ignorance or innocence. Even those it is wise is painful knowing the truth.

-Finally Figured Out Islam

Anonymous 3:03 PM  

I didn't trust Muslims before 9-11 and I trust them even less after! Now I know they positively want to kill me, I won't give them that chance knowingly. I plan on being an infidel in the face of great opposition and FIGHT sharia law.

Anonymous 4:44 PM  

It woke we up to the realization that other people really do hate Americans. The death of these Americans and the destructrion of 9/11 just stunned me to no end. I became aware of everything and read so many things. I am now learning at a fast pace about Islam and radicals and our own government. Which in itself is very scary. I felt such fear and helplessness, that I had to be part of the change not the cause. I love this country and am fighting to save it. But to my surprise and shock so much of the evil is caused by the government and its extremist that do not like this country at all. This has to change and I am trying to change that. I hope many people realize the evil here first and then learn the evil from other countries.

bill coleman 9:32 PM  

nine days before 911,i was eating near closing time at a steak house in (the south). it was just me, the waitress and three "middle easterners" at a table about 25 ft from mine. i could hear their conversation. i heard them put down their american workforce and one stated that if you are going to fight israel, you must know hebrew. i can not recall what else was said. after they left, i told the waitress that there were people in the US who would use our freedom to hurt us. after 911 i wondered if any of these three were involved. like many of the commenters i have read much about islam since 911. there are many "defining statements". part of my conclusions are as follows: The USA will get sharia law, whether legal or not, when there are sufficient numbers of muslims in any block, community, town, county or state, unless we want to fight a bloody civil war. The US constitution can be used as a legal defense against an extended Islamic invasion, if enough people are elected to office who want the US Constitution to continue to be the supreme law of the land. I am no coward.

Citizen Warrior 1:17 AM  

Someone emailed this comment:

I was 65 years young, retired from industry and owner/operator of my own seasonal resort business.

It was a wake up call for sure. I joined the Indiana Guard Reserve and served for 5 years assisting the Indiana National Guard and volunteering at Camp Atterbury to process troups leaving for the middle east.

When I retired from the IGR, I became a member of American Congress for Truth, a significant organization dedicated to teaching Americans what Islam is all about.

Another wake up call! I soon came to realize that what the media hyped as "Radical Muslims" was absolute normalcy according to the teachings of Islam.

Anyone believing in the Koran must believe in the total destruction of people of ALL other faiths. I have spent literally hundreds of hours studying the books of Islam and there is no doubt that the over riding objective is world domination through conversion to Islam or total subjugation of Kafirs. Kafirs (infidels) are non-believers, the lowest of animal life who must pay a jizya (significant tax) to Islam. Islam considers Kafir the most hateful, prejudiced and abusive word in any language. Fully 64% of the Koran is devoted to the Kafirs and how they should be treated. Kafirs can be mocked, beheaded, plotted against, terrorized, etc.

Islam is a political system with its own laws that are contrary to our Constitution. Left unchecked Islam will succeed in the total destruction of freedom.

Anonymous 2:01 AM  

September 11 changed me in my awareness of Islam.

For example:

Durban III is underway in New York.

In Durban 1, Islamists were able to equate Israel to the New Apartheid.

Ironically, Durban 1 was in ... Durban, post Apartheid South Africa, of course!

Durban is the largest Indian city outside India!

Indians and Coloureds in Apartheid South Africa were 2nd tier citizens like Jews and Christians (People of the Book) are in Islam.

Indigenous Blacks (called "kafirs" by the supremacist Whites) were the 3rd tier like the rest of the Infidels are in Islam.

With a combined Jewish world population of only about 15 million versus one thousand five hundred million Muslims, if Israel is an Apartheid state, then the implications of the Apartheid in Islam are one hundred times worse!

Yet Durban III will continue with the Israeli Apartheid notion, distracting the entire world from a greater evil of Apartheid within Islam.

Islamic taqiyya at its ultimate brilliant best!

Pontotov Bill 8:07 PM  

11 September 2001! The day, in my life, that will live in infamy. I wanted to return to active duty, but the Air Force told me I had been retired too long. So, if I could not fight for my country again, I quit my job teaching and went back to the Air Force as a civilian. At least I have some input supporting the current warriors.

As for Islam, decency prevents me from saying what I really think. I don't fear being called a Kafir because I AM! Islam, after, much study and reading the quran and hadiths, is nothing but a perversion of Jewish/Christian traditions. MooHammed didn't meet the angel Gabriel. Instead, the angel lied by calling himself Gabriel. The teachings of Islam clearly indicate that MooHammed met with the angel called the Prince of Lies, Lucifer.

If that makes me a target of some nutcase Ialamic Mooslim, so be it. I can only live one life and I will NEVER bow to Islam or the moongod they worship.

Anonymous 8:43 PM  

I have read many of the comments made and find that there is not much I can add , other than the fact that i agree with just about all of them.You can not seperate one Believer from another in otherwords even the "peaceful" ones are supporters of the bad ones. We need to remove all of them from this country, all of them.

Citizen Warrior 10:14 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

What do I remember? I remember the surprise everyone had as the WTC bldgs. came tumbling down; and I thought the surprise was strange since we had been told that Muslim extremists had already declared war on us years before; I regretted that so many innocent had to die for a few of us to begin telling everyone else how evil Islam is to harbor such people. That is how it changed me. Nobody listened much, and they still don’t; they try to tell me that Islam is a peaceful religion and mosques continue to be built all over. Muslim immigrants continue to invade us. We try to tell everyone what Muslims do to any country they invade, with Europe as an example; but nobody listens. We are just waiting for the next shoe to drop, hoping we are as far as possible from the catastrophe.

Anonymous 5:23 PM  

I knew about the problems of Islam way before 9/11 2001.

I'm from a country that was occupied from Islam and Muslims for 500 years.

Several days after 9/11 i said to my father: "Now the world will understand what Islam is. They will no longer be able to escape scrutiny."

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