"Fear is the first adversary we have to get past when we set out to battle for freedom, and it is the one that remains until the very end," said Aung San Suu Kyi.

But people fighting for freedom don't need to be completely free of fear to do what must be done. She says her fellow freedom fighters "pretend to be unafraid as they go about their duties and pretend not to see that their comrades are also pretending."

"This is not hypocrisy," she says. "This is courage that has to be renewed consciously from day to day and moment to moment. This is how the battle for freedom has to be fought until such time as we have the right to be free from the fear imposed by brutality and injustice."


Anonymous 12:03 PM  

We have much to fear, and we will need to manage our fears somehow.

The anti-"Islamophobia" campaign is reaching ever greater heights, thanks in part to Breivik.


argues that Breivik may have been skillfully manipulated by parties seeking to stifle criticism of Islam.

The general absence of violence from the critics of Islam must have been frustrating the pro-Islam lobbyists.

A Breivik was needed to distract Western citizens from the daily blood and gore that Islam is responsible for.

Remarkably, Islamists have killed far more people within a month of Breivik's Day yet there is hardly a murmur from the MSM.

For example, the suicide bombing in Nigeria of the UN has hardly caused a ripple!

Whilst the Catholic Church is no longer the coercive institution it once was the Spanish Inquisition serves as a parallel to today's crackdown on criticism of Islam.

(... although nothing that Christ taught could ever have justified the Inquisition!)

This Inquisition for Islam is energised by the Politically Correct and The Left, serving Islam as Lenin's Useful Idiots served Communism.

Anonymous 1:32 PM  

The video of Taliban executing a policeman is a chilling example of what we are up against.

We are more alike at DNA level than world events otherwise suggest.

However, the difference is in the mind poison that we are fed and the Taliban are toxic!

We have much to fear ... but to succumb to our fears would be suicidal.

Anonymous 4:08 AM  

The video below serves as yet another notice of the growing Islamisation world wide.

This time Moscow!

This Greater Unbelief needs to be very aware.

About 7% of the Russian population is Muslim:

If Russia sinks the other three Greater Unbeliefs (The West/China/india) will be in trouble.

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