The Betrayal of the Christians of Bradford UK


The following was written by Babs Barron, originally published on and republished with permission:

I have just read an account of wilful dhimmitude in
an online article in the UK Daily Telegraph. It exemplifies so much of what endangers UK society in the face of the tide of Islam which threatens to engulf it, and such wilful and irresponsible blindness to that danger, that I could hardly believe what I was reading. I invite readers to try to make sense of it alongside me:

It concerns a statement by the Church of England Bishop of Bradford, the Right Reverend Nick Baines, to the General Synod in York, in which he says that some parishes in his diocese were 95% Muslim but that this should not be seen as a problem. Were he talking about a predominance any other ideological belief system then he might have a valid point — I cannot imagine Sikhs or Hindus or Jews or Rastafarians or Zoroastrians or any ideology other than Islam causing problems for their neighbours in such numbers — but the Bishop is talking about Islam which, as we know and so should he, is constitutionally incapable of coexisting peacefully alongside any other ideology when it is in the majority.

The Bishop’s statement is an indication of wilful ignorance, yes, but it is also a slap in the face to the Christians who are
under threat from Islamic supremacism all over the world (see also here and here). Baines’ ignoring the threat to the Christians of Bradford has betrayed his brothers and sisters in Christ there and has given Islam yet more purchase in the UK. The UK government has not the courage to curb the immigration from Muslim countries which has resulted in this state of affairs, or to stand firm against the sort of tensions which arise when Muslims form a majority in any geographical area.

A charitable explanation for all this might be that Baines is simply afraid to name the dangers of the encroachment of Islam for what they are and to speak out against the Muslim predominance in Bradford. Perhaps he believes that if he had the temerity to speak as plainly as the former Bishop of Rochester, Dr Michael Nazir Ali, about no-go areas for kufar in parts of the UK he would receive the same
death threats. Baines, however, seems blissfully ignorant that Nazir Ali’s warnings have been borne out in Tower Hamlets in London. If the Synod speech arose out of fear it was motivated in equal measure by Baines making a virtue out of a necessity when he dressed his dhimmitude in the false clothing of Christian humility. From the Telegraph article:

“This is a fantastic opportunity,” he [Baines] told the General Synod, the Church of England’s national assembly, in York.

“It is a challenge, yes, but it’s an opportunity to rethink what it means to be a Christian community. We often ask Muslims to learn what it is to be a Muslim as a minority culture.

“Maybe we could benefit from learning some of the same lessons in some of our cities.”

Really? The poor, mystified fool! He makes the mistake of assuming that just because Christianity would treat minorities with respect, an Islamised Bradford will respect his Church! At base level he must recognise that it will not otherwise he would not be trying so hard to talk up the idea, but, chillingly, he seems not to grasp that Islam will not be satisfied with a finger, or a hand, or even an arm, but that it will not be content until it has consumed him and his kind entirely. Before very long there may not be a Christian community worthy of the name in Bradford!

As Paul Weston writes in
The Multi-Layered Betrayal of Britain on the Gates of Vienna:

“But at the top of the pile sits Islam. Imported and appeased by politicians of all parties, Islam is the real winner here and is promoted as the religion of peace when it is clearly no such thing. Polygamy laws are ignored in order that Muslims may demographically destroy us, laws are introduced to curtail any criticism on pain of exhibiting “Islamophobia”, and money is directed toward them in order that they need not work to house their multiple wives and children even as they plan to overthrow us.

“The rest of us, however — the war veterans, the elderly, the young, the new-born, the indigenous population, the non-Islamic immigrants, the middle-class, the working-class and the Christians — have been betrayed in our entirety.”

And the Rt Rev Nick Baines is complicit in that betrayal.


RaceBannon 5:15 AM  

The lack of a Biblical faith leads to the belief in anything, and especially that which is not just a substitute for God, but the exact opposite of what God is and wants for us. Islam is the natural response of Man's need to be led by something outside of himself, but done in a form where that which leads him is NOT from God, but from Satan. We all need to repent of our sins, for this is a problem that can only be won by the changing of hearts and minds to the Bible.

Sgt Pepperspray 9:43 AM  

The clergy is infested with cultural marxists. The Church of England is nothing more than a tool of the Blair Faith Foundation being used to blend all religions into one faith, just another step in the One World Government and One World Bank. dhimmis like this have no belief in God, they just believe in the state. He wears a costume like an actor in a film or soap opera, just playing the part to an audience who are unaware of the true agenda. The scriptures prophesised that this would happen, those prophesies are coming to fruit. Revelation 13:11 -- "And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast...". The Anti-Christ cometh and his agents are working their evil. Nick Baines is one of these agents of Lucifer, do not be decieved.

Babs 7:30 AM  

RaceBannon, the very rigity of Islam, its apparent certainty, is seductive to psychologically aimless and rootless individuals because, like any cult, initially it appears to offer the sense of ontological certainty they lack. Only when they are in it (and again as with any cult) do they realise that they are ensnared.

Althouhg I doubt that this will happen to the Bishop I don't believe that his God would want him to cave in as he has.

Slightly off-topic, and to bear out the notion of being ensnared by Islam, I was sent this today

I wonder whether this person now regrets joining the cult of Islam?

Blogger 5:43 PM  

St Paul (the Apostle) will be turning in his grave. He did not travel around the Mediterranean appeasing non-Christians or telling them to learn how to be minorities. He told them they were on the wrong path, he debated with them, he exposed their theological errors, he subverted their false beliefs. Can you imagine St Paul kissing a Koran or declaring all religions equal??

Anonymous 11:54 PM  

Well said Babs!

Converts to Islam include the "psychologically aimless and rootless individuals".

Also the resentful ... for example, covering up levels the playing fields for all women and the presence or absence of beauty is no longer a factor for mating purposes.

That is why many feminists are paradoxically soft on Islam ...

Anonymous 3:46 AM  

Further on Babs view of what attracts converts to Islam and my previous post.

We have so far Babs idea of the psychologically aimless and rootless, and my view of the resentful.

Islam has this dark power/sexual side to it.

Like moths mesmerised by light many Westerners seem to be fascinated by the dark violence of Islam.


As a useful analogy how often do we hear of otherwise rational women falling for the ‘bad guy’ and having their lives turned into a misery?

For those who are neither rootless nor resentful it must be something like that – a sort of masochistic disposition to be subjugated for some, and the opportunity for sadistic outlet for those who are so predisposed.

Western civilization allows sado-masochism between consenting adults but does not permit sadistic behaviour against those who do not give consent.

Islam on the other hand provides the opportunity for anyone who seeks outlets for their violent tendencies a ‘legitimate’ route.

For example, stoning an ‘adulteress’.

Buried to her head surely a sadist has an orgasmic type of opportunity to pelt the unfortunate with rocks and stones.

And there is no retribution – you would be acting according to Allah.

For the Type Rootless we have the fearful, sickly Cat Stevens who dies and became Yusuf Islam.

For the Type Resentful we have an Yvonne Ridley who no doubt would like all females to cover up since not even ‘holy warriors’ were interested in violating her when she was held hostage. Surely, as an infidel, she qualified for being raped? In a perverse way she levels the playing fields with the female mating competition by embracing cover up – like that silly headscarf that she wears as her badge of Islamicness!

For the Type Sado-Masochistic we have any and all of these disturbed human beings, distributed throughout the world through the propagation of genes and DNA by natural selection.

Anonymous 2:22 AM  

With the tragedy of Oslo unfolding, it is of critical importance that we always see criminal behaviour as criminal behaviour, be it at the hands of Islamists or crazed right wingers frustrated by the political correctness foolishness of fellow Westerners.

The ‘sins’ of Yusuf Islam, Yvonne Ridley, Robert Fisk and the rest of the PC and Leftist ‘useful idiots’ (to quote Lenin) should never be visited on the general populace, irrespective of creed or culture.

In the war that Islam is waging against the Planet we need to fight back with absolute morality – we should not be like Hamas firing rockets into civilian areas just because these may be mostly Jewish.

The Oslo tragedies will no doubt delight Islamists!

After all infidels were killed at the hands of a crazed infidel.

Us infidels should out all those within our community who would contemplate such atrocities – because it is incumbent on us to do so.

It will also serve as an example to muslim communities, especially but not only in the Middle East, who allow crazed religious zombies to operate within them.

Our greatest weapon is ultimately the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHRI).

That we must embrace always despite the Robert Fisks, Vaughan Smiths and Assanges of this world frustrating us by not calling all spades the despicable spades that they are.

Robert Fisk excuses the Islamic Afghanis who tried to lynch him as having been provoked. And his ‘thugs’ are always either Israelis or Christian Lebanese militias only, never those who He considers as having been 'provoked'.

Vaughan Smith believes ISAF (Nato Plus) medivac choppers are fair war targets despite the daily fact that he sleeps with his Nato liberated Kosovo wife.

Assange simplistically sees evil only in the West, driven by an ‘anti-establishment’ resentment that stopped him as a juvenile from hacking into computer systems. Of course he gets the stupid women as well (physical beauty or class status does not guarantee brains) that fall for him.

Nonetheless, despite the Mighty Band Of Useful Celebrity Idiots amongst us, the only way to stop the Islamic Zombies is via our insistence on defending ourselves within the rules inherent in the UDHRI.

Something that neither militant Che Guevara adoring communists nor Islamists will ever be able to do …

Anonymous 5:48 AM  

The PCs and the Left will seek to level the ‘terrorist playing fields’ and use the stupidity of the Oslo attacks as the means to point fingers and say “there, the right wing terrorism is as bad as the Islamist terrorism”.

The Oslo terrorist, at DNA level, is probably no different to the crazed religious zombies that delusionally believe will deliver them 72 virgins for eternal orgasmic pleasure.

However to describe the Oslo terrorist as a right wing Christian fundamentalist would be sheer opportunism and a perverse one given the tragedy.

Right wing yes … but Christian no!

Unlike the Koran, the teachings of Christ do not advocate slaughter, regardless of circumstances.

Calling oneself Christian and committing such slaughter is like a wolf insisting it is a sheep!

So even as an atheist I would say: Leave Christ out of it.

There is another atrocity greater than the one committed in Oslo involving children.

It was the Slaughter of the Children in North Ossetia by Islamists seeking Eternal Orgasmic Pleasure.

Unlike the Loonie of Oslo, who in the fiction of Paradise will certainly never pass though its Pearly Gates, the Islamists of Beslan will be in Eternal Orgasmic Bliss.

Of course, Robert Fisk could use his perverse logic and, like he excused the Islamic mob that tried to lynch him in Afghanistan because he was a Westerner, excuse the Beslan Islamist criminals on the grounds of Russian “aggression” in Chechnya.

That is the problem with such perverse Fiskian logic … it can be used even by right wing crazies to justify the Stupidity of Oslo.

Ultimately, no one should be excused for not calling a spade a spade – not even the (self styled) Robert of Arabia Himself.

Anonymous 8:39 AM  

As I was expecting the PCs and the Left are coming onto the media in full force and demanding that Western governments crack down on right wing groups as sources of ‘terrorism’.

Al Jazeera, especially, will push this hard.

That is the gross stupidity of the Oslo Ogre!

His atrocities will give the PCs and the Left the opportunity to distract the Western governments from the Rising Tide of Islamism.

Throughout all the media domination that PCs and Leftists will now enjoy for a long while to come it will be useful for us to keep in mind their general absence regarding the greater atrocity performed at Beslan by Islamic ‘holy warriors’ acting out the urgings of the Koran.

The tragic and stupid events of Oslo will be used against the Counter-Jihad for years to come … Beslan disappearing ever more from its already almost non-existent presence in the media consciousness of the world.

To any further fools out there about to burn Korans (and getting Infidels killed by enraged Islamic zombies) or about to shoot unarmed civilians … please do us all a Western Civilization saving-favour and retire.

PS Whatever did happen to the surviving Beslan Criminal? All so quiet …

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