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Bill Warner, of Political Islamspeaks about Islam in the fifteen-minute video below from the first inaugural Signature Series event in Nashville, Tennessee:


Anonymous 2:53 AM  


don't u think CW..its proactive..and shud be used more?

Anonymous 3:15 AM  

are there more videos by him?

Citizen Warrior 3:31 AM  

There are no more videos by him. Yet. This one is supremely shareable, however. You could share it with anyone.

And yes, the phrase "political Islam" should be used more. Definitely.

Anonymous 3:38 AM  

About mohammed:


About Sharia:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvS_FcQHaOA

also more:

he is explaning it great

i think there must be more videos.. im searching them

Anonymous 3:40 AM  

when you share links here.. it makes more sense and one chooses many times to view directly from here instead of going to youtube and due to that new ones are saved from confusion from reactive comments below youtube

So share Bill warners videos in one post in totality or in coming posts

Anonymous 5:45 AM  

one more:


very intellectual one

Anonymous 6:22 AM  

Bill Warner is great ... and well done Citizen Warrior for the focus on him!

I had not heard of him before despite Global Jihad being something I think about daily.

The Counter-Jihad needs the synergy of people like him!

Lynne 11:10 AM  

Facts not opinion, funny how that focuses the debate!

Anonymous 1:52 AM  

They call this a religion!? I have previously posted the idea that sex is used as a powerful and central motivating force to inspire male Islamic 'believers'.

Raymond Ibrahim never fails to render sterling articles, as sickening as his latest one is.

Titled "Muslim Woman Seeks to Revive Institution of Sex-Slavery"
see http://www.meforum.org/2930/muslim-woman-seeks-to-revive-institution-of-sex for the impossible facts!

It is hard to believe that such sentiments exist today, never mind religiously inspired!!!

This is simply Human Trafficking, aka modern day slavery!

How the Politically Correct and the Left persist in their denial is simply beyond comprehension!

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