What Would Happen?


What if everyone (or at least a majority) knew and accepted the truth that Islamic doctrine is inherently and predominantly intolerant, aggressive, and violent? What if most non-Muslims found out Islam is not a religion of peace? What if everyone knew that political action to establish Sharia law is a religious duty for all able-bodied Muslims? What if most non-Muslims knew about taqiyya?

What do you think would happen?

Please post your answers as a comment. I will publish an article later with the best answers.

What do you think non-Muslims in the free world would do if everyone understood Islam as we understand it? What new laws would be passed? What new policies would be instigated? What new goals would be pursued? What do you think would be the end result?


Damien 5:37 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

Well for one thing, it would be much harder for the stealth jihad to operate. In fact it would be almost impossible, and that's why Jihadists don't want non Muslims to know about these things, (at least the smarter ones anyway).

Also, it would make it almost impossible for Islam to gain new converts, because people in general wouldn't want to be part of a religion that encourages hatred for anyone who doesn't blindly accept it, including their friends and family. It would also make it harder for them believe Muhammad was a good person, or that books like the Koran are the inspired word of God. That alone would make the religion much less appealing to people who were not born into it.

As far as foreign policy, almost no non Muslim would support endorsing constitutions that recognize sharia law, unless they somehow thought that they could take advantage of an Islamic dictatorship somehow despite what they knew. But the idea that sharia or Islam is compatible with democratic government would be unthinkable.

The only downside might be that some heterodox Muslims as you call them, (liberal secularized Muslims as I've called them) might be more likely to be wrongfully attacked. Off course in such a world it might be much harder for them to stay Muslims, if everyone else around them knew the truth about what their religious text actually teaches.

As for exactly what new policies would be enacted I'm not sure, but the answer would largely depend on how long most of the non Muslims knew this. If they had known this for well over a hundred years or more, much of whats going on right now, wouldn't even be happening, so some of the policies you might think of wouldn't even be necessary at all.

If every other hand, all other non Muslim just found out today, it would be a different story.

Damien 10:48 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

Sorry, can I correct the mistake in my last sentence. It should have been, "If on the other hand, all other non Muslim just found out today, it would be a different story."

Anonymous 2:37 PM  

What a thoughtful comment, Damien! I appreciate your optimism and hope you are right.

On the other hand, if we are talking in the context of how Americans would react, I am not as optimistic. We have a long history of tolerance and generosity. We often lack perspective, instead preferring to look through rose-colored glasses. Until we get over our notions of political correctness and begin to pursue critical thinking, our slumber will probably continue. It doesn't matter what Islam is or becomes. Americans need to make a commitment to the original principles that governed this country. Once we can do that, then maybe we can understand how to address our vulnerabilities. The Tea Party probably has the wake-up bugle to its lips, and I hope reveille starts with our courts.

Bob Devine 3:25 PM  

If those facts became common knowledge I believe the vast majority of people would feel the same as myself.

Round them up and ship them out. There is no room in any country for anyone that will not swear allegiance to that country and Islamics will only swear allegiance to Islam. I believe they would all be much happier in an Islamic country where everyone suffers just like they would and will. It would make for a much more enjoyable atmosphere throughout the country. I do not limit this view to Islam but anyone with that attitude although Islamics are almost the sole perpetrators of the habit.

I have no problem with my name being used regarding this post. I am not particularly concerned how the Islamists feel about my view. All my friends know exactly how I feel about Islam and its Muslim adherents and they would all agree with me I think.

Ben 8:58 PM  

Just knowing ain't sufficient. Comprehension and caring are required.

People must have a decent overview of history so as to uncerstand that Islam poses a real, proximate and continuing threat that will never be reformed or diverted.

People must understand how it will affect them and their progeny and they must give a damn.

Too many lack sufficient intelligence, intellectual and social, to be aware and care.

Others will go off half cocked and engage in random acts of hatred, hopefully, very few.

At best, we can hope for immigration bans, stepped up surveilance and constitutional action to prevent imposition of Shari'ah.

Citizen Warrior 11:48 PM  

Someone just emailed this comment:

I think that if everyone knew of this, it would be one of the greatest days in the history of the world. I think that we would hopefully, get some state sponsored strikes against islam in the name of christianity. Even though I am 40 years old, I would think of answering the call for a modern day jihad. All muslims should be sent on their way home from the U.S. I for one think we should give them a taste of their own medicine, take over all the muslim countries, and then go on a church building stampede. It pisses me off that their countries turn a blind eye to their behavior, or sponsor it, while we here in america have to "play by the rules". It sucks, because I am only one man, and it is difficult to get people who want to believe. I will always fight the fight. God bless all of you.

Citizen Warrior 11:50 PM  

Kingsley Beattie just emailed this comment:

It could result in termination of all unnecessary contacts with Muslims; and, Islamic nations and societies. Islamic schools and mosques could be made illegal and closed. Diplomatic and commercial exchanges could be restricted to neutral territory. Muslims living in Dar al Harb could be "encouraged" to migrate to Dar al Islam. In other words the kaffir would strive to establish reciprocity with the Islamic heartland, Saudi Arabia..

Citizen Warrior 11:50 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

What Would Happen?

Islam will lose its status as a religion.

I have always felt that if a movie showing the true life of Muhammad were to be made and shown around the world, that would mean the end of Islam as a religion.

Citizen Warrior 11:54 PM  

Someone emailed this:

What if all non-Muslims found out Islam is not a religion of peace? It would be a wake-up call however I think many people already know "islam" is not a religion of peace in the western sense. From the islamic sense - it is. It is what they expect to happen once everyone is converted, killed, or made to pay Jizya.

What if everyone knew that political action to establish Sharia law is a religious duty for all able-bodied Muslims? We have a Constitution and body of laws based on Judeo-Christian beliefs. Sharia is incompatible with these laws. I take great offense to the Judeo-Christophobia that muslims display and their desire to replace our laws with the barbaric laws of sharia. If muslims want sharia they should move to an islamic country. They should respect our laws.

What if all non-Muslims knew about taqiyya? They would realize that no muslim could be trusted nor should they be. Muslims did this to themselves by embracing the law of lying to perpetuate islam.

What do you think would happen? Honestly, I think there will be a great divide. You have those people who will continue to deny what is in front of their face and embrace the muslim tactic of "victimhood". Then there are others who will stand up and demand that laws be established outlawing islam and exposing it for the sham that it is. Perpetuating islam anywhere in the US should be deemed treason, a federal offense, punishable by death.

Mosques should leveled and building one also made a federal offense, korans should be treated as the murder manuals they are, and burned and muslims should have the following choices: go into a deprogramming center, be incarcerated (with no korans or prayers mats) and they will earn their own keep, or they could go meet allah.

Citizen Warrior 11:54 PM  

Someone emailed this:

The world would realize; Moslems obey, Christians follow. Moslems fear, and thus obey. Christians believe, and thus follow. Moslems must use fear to advance Islam. Christians must convince, to advance Christianity. This is the radical difference, obey, or follow.

Obey means fear. Follow means belief. One comes from without. One comes from within. Love will always triumph over evil, and fear. As all the failed dictators and ideologies will attest, fear ultimately fails. The greatest commandment is Love.

Citizen Warrior 11:57 PM  

Someone emailed this:

WHAT IF EVERYONE knew and accepted the truth that Islamic doctrine is inherently and predominantly intolerant, aggressive, and violent?

In other words, what if all non-Muslims read the Quran for themselves along with some Medieval Muslim history to see just how Islam has been practiced. It really leads to another question:

Would they be able to connect the historical thread of how the Muslim faith was first spread by the sword with the present day thread of Muslim terrorism against the West?

Would they be able to understand a faith and culture that are essentially incapable of change.
I think that reading Muslim scripture and history is important. It's also important to read the critiques of Islam-- like that of St. John Damascene and the present-day critique of Ibn Warraq. There are also excellent critiques of Islam written by Muslims and former Muslims; people who've been in the trenches of the faith and decided they did not like the life and judgment it forced on them.

It is also important, though, to understand how Western culture & civilization, in fact, differ from Islam.

Imam Rauf claims that the U.S. is a Shariah-compliant state.
Is that true? I don't think so.
I think if we taught the truth about Islam, right from the beginning, the horrible toll this "faith" takes on society and the individual, most Westerners would be scared.

They're frightened now, but they don't know what they fear.
In that sense, they are similar to the Jews on the eve of Kristallnacht. The Jews knew that evil was about, but because they could not define it, they did not resist.

Even if we are capable of defining it, I don't know if we'll have the strength to resist. I do know that we must-- our only other options are submission or death.

Citizen Warrior 11:57 PM  

Someone emailed this:

What if all non-Muslims found out Islam is not a religion of peace?
If they have any courage at all, they would say they are at war with Islam.

The problem is that where there is the threat of violence, there is always fear. We must expect a certain number of us, in particular, the ones with the least grounding in Judeo-Christian and Graeco-Roman cultures, to knuckle under.

The only way we can protect them is to invoke another Western idea:
Any agreement or contract made under duress is invalid and has no standing in law.

A conversion or submission to Islam is just such an agreement-- submission is always under duress in the case of these people. We need not respect it.

What if everyone knew that political action to establish Sharia law is a religious duty for all able-bodied Muslims?

Then there would be a national Sharia ban in place. Unlike Jewish or Ecclesiastical law, Sharia seeks to undermine and overthrow secular state law.

As such, all its supporters should be treated as enemies, stripped of citizenship, and deported to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has forked over all this good money to make the U.S. an Islamic nation, I think their confederates, including the entire staff of CAIR, should be sent back to them with ribbons in their hair.

What if all non-Muslims knew about taqiyya?

Then they would actually listen to Muslims instead of agreeing with them.

Political correctness has silenced the honest and made all dialogue with Islam untrue.

Filled with threat, terror, and duress.

Any agreement, friendship, or set of dealings made under duress-- the fear of violence-- is invalid.
This is an old Western idea that needs to see the light of day again.

Believe or I will kill you. Criticize my religion and I will kill you.

This is the duress of Islam. It has no standing in the West. And now we may have to enforce it with violence of our own.

What do you think would happen?
We'd live in tense times. We would have a strong sense of community identification as non-Muslims.
We would define ourselves in opposition to Islam, and in so doing, we would preserve our civilization.

But we must not just repudiate Islam, we must define in opposition to it.

It's important that we understand what Muslims are, and that we are not Muslims.

Taking the pledge and reading the Quran are two excellent first steps.

Damien 12:06 AM  

Bob Devine,

A major problem with your idea is that not all Muslims are fundamentalists. For example there are some that oppose things like Sharia. There's even a group called Muslims agianst Sharia. Yes they have to ignore, deny or attempt to explain away large portions of their holy text, but If you insist these are not Muslims, just keep in mind that not all Christians do what the Bible tells them to do or believe everything in the Bible. The same is true for people belonging to any other major world religion and the way they treat their sacred scripture. There are well over one hundred million people around the world who consider themselves Muslims. At the very least it would be highly unlikely that every single one of them would follow the Koran or the Hadith literally. What about those Muslims who are liberal Westerners?

Also, even those Muslims who are full fledged violent Jihadist may not be immigrants. If they refuse to leave, we can't forcibly deport them back to their homeland, if this is their homeland. Unlike you, I don't think that all of them would want to leave so badly. We have Neo Nazis who are natural born U.S citizens, even violent Neo Nazis who are natural born U.S Citizens despite the fact that almost everyone in the west regards Nazism as bad, except for Nazis, we can't force them to leave the country if they don't want to. We can however put them in jail, if they commit a crime, and the same is true for Muslim fundamentalists. But other than that, how do we deal with Jihadists, violent or other wise who were born on American soil, and want to turn America into an Islamic State, and at the same time refuse to leave?

That said, there are a lot of Muslims here and in Europe who are immigrants who really should be departed, some after spending time in prison, especially the ones who don't have a problem with murdering people critical of Islam.

Damien 12:16 AM  


Sorry, I didn't respond to your comment first, but I wanted to write in response to what Bob Devine wrote was so long that I decided to do that one first to get it over with.

I'm not viewing the world through rose colored glasses. The way Citizen Warrior asked the question implied that everyone understood and accepted the nature of the threat. If my statement sounded like viewing the world through rose colored glasses, keep in mind that in the real world its unlikely that every single non Muslim will ever truly understand and accept the nature of what we are dealing with. Citizen Warrior's question sounded a lot like he was asking what should we do if we are one hundred percent successfully in educating non Muslims and convincing them to think the way we do. Basically the best case scenario, but not that likely in real life. There will always be some people who refuse to deal with an unpleasant reality, unfortunately.

Citizen Warrior 12:46 AM  

That's right, Damien. I'm looking for a best case scenario. More importantly, I'm looking to find out what people think will be the next step.

Right now it seems clear that very little can be done politically without more people knowing more about Islam. Or at least making fewer mistaken assumptions about Islam. It will probably never happen that "everybody" knows about Islam, and it isn't even necessary.

But the question is, "Then what?"

Then what will we do? What do you envision as our next steps? If someone became president who had a great deal of popular support and who knew all about Islam's prime directive, what do you think she or he would do?

Damien 1:58 AM  

Citizen Warrior,

If someone who knew all about Islam's prime directive become president, what would he or she do?

I can't tell you exactly what he or she would do because I'm not that person, but if I were, I can tell you what I would do.

I would try to enact laws that would at the very least put severe restrictions on immigration from Islamic countries to America, at least until those societies voluntarily abondan Jihad and Sharia, and I would encourage other western leaders to do the same. Plus I would argue that Turkey should not be allowed into the EU.

In addition to that I would try to convince congress to actually enforce our current immigration laws and tighten border security so it would be harder for terrorists to sneak in. I would get either the National security agency or some other secret government organization to monitor Mosques in this country.

Technically Islam is a religion, so I don't see how we could realistically say it was not, but we don't have to deny that Islam is a religion to do what needs to be done. Unlike what a lot of people think, religions are not inherently benign. Many of the religions in South America prior to Columbus, practiced ritualized murder to appease their gods for example. Remember that the constitution is not a suicide packed. besides, your right to swing your fist ends where my face begins. I don't think the founding father intended freedom of religion to include violating other people's rights based on your religion. They also would have found the idea that people have a right to try to use their religion to commit treason agianst a legitimate, democratically elected government to be absurd. In addition, I would encourage schools to adopt non politically correct text books that devote at least one chapter to the early and later History of Islam. Ones that were not filled with pro Islam propaganda and don't leave important things out just because Muslims complain. I would demand that any group that receives money from the Saudi Arabia or any other Islamic state register under the foreign agents act. (At least I think that's what its called)

Speaking of the constitution, I would try to get an amendment past that world forbid judges from considering foreign law, including Sharia, when it came to deciding constitutional matters. I know that we already have the first amendment, that forbids the state from officially recognizing a religion, or enacting purely religious laws, but It would make it harder for U.S judges to justify even considering Sharia, for politically correct reasons. I would also argue that we should pass the anti foreign law, anti sharia amendment to reinforce what's already in the first amendment.

I would do everything in my power, including war if necessary to eliminate the Jihadist threat, with the ultimate goal of sending them the message that their attempts to destroy us and or subjugate us are futile.

I can think of more, much more, but I don't really want to go into more detail now. I don't even know how much of this I could do realistically, assuming I was elected in this climate. Plus I couldn't give away anything that would have to be classified.

What would you do if you were president of the United States knowing what you know?

Citizen Warrior 8:23 PM  

I really like your answer, Damien. And my answer would be very similar. If I were president, curbing Muslim immigration would be my first move, too. And making the borders secure.

And I would begin a program that would ongoingly monitor mosques in America. Those found to promote jihad would be shut down. Those imams promoting jihad would be arrested for sedition or deported.

I would do the same with Islamic schools in the U.S.

I would instigate a national law similar to what Tennessee, Louisiana and Oklahoma have done that explicitly outlaws Sharia.

I would order the investigation of history textbooks and remove those that have falsely whitewashed Islam's image. And I would call for textbooks that taught an accurate and detailed history of Islam and the Crusades.

I would immediately encourage, in every way possible, to end oil's status as a strategic commodity, and encourage all other countries to do the same.

I would stop all foreign investments in this country for mosques or madrassas.

I would allow U.S. security agents to call our enemies by their accurate names.

I would stop Muslims from being able to come to America to be educated. I would stop allowing visas for imams to come here from Muslim countries. I would prevent foreign Muslims from donating to colleges here in the U.S.

All Muslim chaplins in prisons and the military would be monitored and any hint of jihad or Sharia would disqualify them.

And then I would get a good night's sleep because that first day in office was a long one!


Citizen Warrior 8:31 PM  

Someone emailed this:

Our nation has lost something of the greatness with which it resisted Nazi Germany.

The dream of a global caliphate to rule the world is not much different from Hitler's dream of a Greater Germany to rule the world.

We also changed the way we fight wars. At the end of WWII, Nazi guerrillas tried to start a terrorist campaign, but it never got off the ground because there were 6 million soldiers on station at the end of the war.

We fought WWII with the intent to crush Germany and Japan. The terms were unconditional surrender.

After the war, we vigorously pursued de-Nazification, and Germany was required to make Nazism illegal.

If people saw Islam in the same way, and if we went after our wars today in the same way, we would also make Islam illegal and fight vigorously to eradicate it in our foreign wars. We really missed an opportunity when we made Iraq and Afghanistan Islamic republics.

Citizen Warrior 8:33 PM  

Someone just sent this:

There are many different scenarios since there are many different "belief systems" right here in the U.S. Some are reasonable and rational, and some not so rational and extreme, but if everyone knew and accepted the truth about Islam, I don't believe there would be any changes. I think many DO know the truth about Islam, but they're either in denial, or they don't want to "upset" Muslims due to the extreme political correctness in the United States. This cowardliness here is so rampant it's sickening. "Sissification" in the US has gone viral!

Love your site!

Damien 8:44 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

Thanks, I forgot to mention how we need to curb our dependency on Oil, not only would it help stop Islam's prime directive, but it would help fight global warming at the same time. For that reason we might even be able to get some people who don't really care that much about the fight agianst Islamic encroachment, to support us there. That one's a win win, as far as I'm concerned. Too bad pulling it off would be far easier said than done.

Damien 8:54 PM  

Speaking of fighting Islam's prime directive here's something we can all do right now in addition to educating our fellow non Muslims.

You can contact your representatives and tell them to oppose this thing. The Organization Of The Islamic Conference must fail.

UN Defamation of Religions Resolution

If it passes it will only make it harder for people to criticize Islam openly.

Anonymous 9:39 AM  

Citizen Warrior: I agree with your many fine points stated collectively and cogently with "what you would do...". However, as excellent as those laws are that would forbid Sharia, formulated in states such as Oklahoma as LEGITIMATE BALLOT INITIATIVES passed by the PEOPLE, Muslim organizations such as CAIR have challenged these new laws and the federal courts have agreed with them! Our watchfulness must be twofold: keep an eye on radical Islam and an eye on our judiciary. Would you agree?


Citizen Warrior 1:26 PM  

Susan, hell YES I would agree! Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom. There will always be someone trying to limit freedoms, one way or another. Freedom is maintained by constant battle or it disappears.

thor42 2:57 PM  

I think many countries would bring in laws that prohibited immigration by people who followed "an ideology of hatred" (which is what Islam is). Many countries would also ban the building of mosques and Islamic schools (and one or two might pass laws allowing the demolition of existing mosques and Islamic schools).

Babs 6:35 AM  

What an interesting exercise!

Like Ben, above, I believe that many, if not most people already know that Islam is inimical to peace and freedom, but are either mired in apathy or fearful of its threats of violence if it is criticised.

One answer to this has to be greater publicity which will serve at least two purposes - Firstly it will bring home to those who are not fooled by Islam's peaceful face that they are not alone, and secondly it may give them courage to confront those lies themselves, as publicly as possible, so that the word will get around.

But firstly we have to undermine the aspects of western legal systems which bind and gag us and prevent us from fact-based criticism of Islam, thereby giving it support. Once that happens, Muslims themselves may, after a period of cogntiive dissonance perphaps, begin to be more vocal about the shortcomings of the Islamic cult and, one hopes, leave it in droves.

Following on from that a scenario may arise whereby supporters of jihad, being almost as fanatical as the perpetrators of it, would rattle back to the opposite end of the spectrum and become jihadis' enemies, but there'd always be the threat from them, loose cannons as they are inclined to be.

Also I would have great difficulty in believing that such a change of heart was genuine or would endure and that such people wouldn't be turned back again, so deeply may be their introjected beliefs about the superiority of Islam.

I hope that such a scenario comes about. It would be interesting indeed to watch it unfold

Anonymous 7:01 AM  

Taqqiya would upset non-Muslims, cause mistrust.

Bruce Taylor 7:20 AM  

Citizen Warrior,

I fear that nothing would be done. I believe that already the majority of intelligent/educated people in the West know that Islam is a severe threat but nothing happens. That is also because there is so much disagreement on what should/could be done without violating basic (constitutional) principles.

One thing we must do is rigorously oppose that UN resolution proposed by the OIC & repeal all blasphemy laws.

luchadora41 7:30 AM  

I think that we would finally be able to seriously consider this question: Should the U.S. Constitution protect a seditious ideology as a "religion" that fully intends to destroy the Constitution, and America? With enough experts and former Muslims in a court of law, it could be easily proven that Islam is more of a totalitarian ideology than a religion; thus, the Constitution should declassify it as a religion and consider it for what it is - a direct threat to America.

Xanthippa 10:37 AM  

What would happen?

Exactly what is happening now.

Political correctness would prevent anyone in a position of power from speaking up or acting on this knowledge.

Rather, to prove their egalitarianism, their persecution of those who dare speak the truth out loud would increase...

Citizen Warrior 12:07 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Yes to all the items you mentioned ie, stop further muslim immigration; monitor mosques for jihadi content; stop mosques from blaring out on mikes to everyone that our God is the greatest; insist on muslims adhering to local laws rather than displaying hurt religious sentiments; completely stop pandering to muslim demands for accomodation; women MUST be treated equally and protected from their family members; stop gender segregation in mosques; stop jihadi imams and mullahs from entering non-muslim countries;
The list is actually endless. More later.

Mike 1:53 PM  

It seems we have at least three options.
1. Continue down the path of being consumed because of normalcy syndrome, belief in basic human nature and naivete.
2. Wake up to the very real threat of domination (not only muslims pose this threat)...control the situation and force the situation's end through more or less peaceful means.
3. Wake up to the all out threat and respond in kind squared...what the muslim masses understand is overwhelming response. No remorse, no human considerations, act as they do. Burn a church, be hunted down, killed at the end of a rope and every mosque within ten miles is levelled.

Non-muslims must decide how far down the savagery ladder they want to go. The longer we wait, the more violent will have to be the response. History bears this out. The only thing that stopped the jihad from ~700ce to 1000ce was an overwhelming response. The muslim faith has not changed. It is oligarch/political system flavored with just enough religiosity and splitting of spoils to work...and it will never stop, until it meets the immovable object again.

Ben 4:08 PM  

"What if everyone (or at least a majority) knew and accepted the truth that Islamic doctrine is inherently and predominantly intolerant, aggressive, and violent?"
Unfortunately, one crucial term is missing: immutably.

As stated, widespread knowledge would result in demands for reformation by removal of the violent verses. Islam would respond with al-taqiyya & kitman, falsely claiming to reform.

Correctly stated, widespread knowledge of the fact that Islam is intrinsically evil and can not be reformed should result in demands for its extinction. It would then be necessary to officially acknowledge the fact that Islam is a predatory way of life, not a religion protected by the penumbra of the free exercise clause. Only then could propagating, manifesting & practicing Islam be outlawed, its institutions closed and the Ummah jointly and severally expelled & exclu8ded.

The popular assumptions about Islam: that it is a religion of peace & equally valid pathway to the divine must first be overcome. Joe six pack is not willing to slog through thousands of pages of redundant and turgid text to discover the reality of Islam. It is necessary to distill the facts and crystallize2 them in a presentation that grabs his attention and seizes his emotional interest.

Documenting the Sira in a full length feature film with global distribution is the first step. Several scripts and screen plays exist, but nobody is able and willing to produce and distribute them. The producer of "Innocence of Muslims" has two hours in the can and is seeking a distributor. You can buy his screen play from Amazon and read it. Dr. Ali Sina and the Son of Hamas are working on production, with no visible results.

Any attempt at distribution will bring about a convergence of condemnation from media, academia, organized religion, government and the United Nations. Litigation and economic & physical threats will ensue.

We need to find someone with good graphic skills to create an animated cartoon version of the Sira and distribute it on the web.

Rob 7:57 PM  

What would happen if a majority of people knew the truth about islam? Well, we would first work to eliminate it from our lands and would recognize that it is at war with the rest of the world. All infidels and their countries would declare war against islam and it's flock (muslims). That would be an obvious first reaction. Once the blinders are off, there would be no room to do otherwise. Every muslim would be shown by us that the religion/ideology that they are devoted to wishes to kill me and you and all of our loved ones. This is not ok. PC is the only thing that keeps us from really seeing what this means. Without the constraints of PC, there would be a relentless and forceful demonstration to everyone, muslims included, that we know what their religion is all about and that we will not tolerate it (or them if they choose to continue to be muslims). How could we if we knew and had shed PC? We could then make it easy for muslims to leave islam. The ones who remained muslims would simply be choosing to be at war with all others.

Z 11:39 PM  

They know already, but they do not have the courage to admit it openly to each other. They only know in a shallow sense. They do not know enough about why and how these things are true, and that is why they do not have the confidence to talk openly about the evil. If their knowledge was deep enough for them to explain how and why the evil got started then that would make a difference. Once the Muslims know enough details about what Muhammed did and said in his life then they give up their fanaticism, and sometimes they give up the religion openly. If the Non-Muslims also find out what Muhammed did and said in his life then they will want their governments to defend them against an implacable enemy. Today the Dhimmis pretend everyone is equal in loyalty to the Constitution. Once they see how Muhammed invented the religion and how that helped him take over Arabia, and that he insisted on the conquest of every government in the world, and laid out how this is to be done, then they will admit that we have an enemy within the gates. Once all the non-Muslims admit that this is a life or death strugle, and that war has been declared against us, and that the war will continue until either the religion is no more, or we are defeated, and that the religion is based on lies and can be defeated with the truth, then they will find ways to combat the religion. Until then they do not understand how such evil can happen, or if they do they are not brave enough to fight against the evil.

Citizen Warrior 12:31 PM  

Someone emailed this answer:

I think if the American public knew just how far the infiltration of Islam and the "mosque-ing" of the public sphere has become:in our government offices, in some of our judges courtrooms, our school text books, on our college campuses, in the fashion world, in our self-censoring in order not to offend, etc., they would be alarmed. Especially, if the tenets of Islam were recorded side by side in comparison with our Constitution and the freedoms, Americans have enjoyed and experienced for over 230 years. Since our media (and sadly, some American Jews and Christian pastors) have promoted a willful blindness to what Islam is and how sharia looks and acts in nations where it reigns as supreme; we must be the messenger. We can NEVER take our freedoms for granted. I confess I have, for far too long. There is no excuse NOT to be aware. We have the web. We have biographies of former Muslims, articles, tv programs, news from human rights organizations and Christian organizations who reach out to the persecuted-all have been trying to show the violent nature of Islam with pictures and testimonies; what life is like for the infidel AND Muslims themselves, under the sharia. We all have a Koran on our library shelves! To ignore the connection between Islam and terrorism is not only stupid, it is to our great peril. If we do not want 80+ sharia courts operating in our country, it is vital that we pass legislation that recognizes American law over any foreign law. The true nature of Islam must be exposed for what it is. And because it is religious AND political, it deserves no validation, and will not be given one minute of consideration, as coexisting with or complimenting American society or government!

Many of my friends are aware. I am trying to bring the awareness to students, ages 8-11, because at this point in my life, they are who I have in my circle of influence. They must know what they will be facing in the next few years.

I would love to feel hope, when I read your last 5 questions. However, reality tells me that this may be the worst "war" this world has ever fought. Do we Americans have fortitude for this fight?

I'm sorry, I can only address your questions with questions of my own! For myself, I will not fear. I will not be quiet. I will speak out on the latest atrocities. I will donate to the cause of freedom. I will continue educating myself on these issues. And I pray that another, and yet another, will do the same.

Unknown 3:59 PM  

I do public speaking on this targeting their attempts to infiltrate colleges. It never ceases to amaze me the awe on people faces that they have been so uninformed. I think it should be mandatory to reveal what they actually believe not the taqiyya message they like to show.

If you want I am willing to come speak to your group on this.

Jason 10:05 PM  

This may be a bit late to the party, but I have some ideas that have not been mentioned.

1) Reinstate and reinforce the right to freedom of speech.
2) End foreign aid to Muslim countries
3) End Cold-War based alliances with Muslim countries like Pakistan and Turkey, and forge closer relations with Russia, India and other countries that are struggling with Islam
4) Massive, Apollo scale program to end Western dependence on Middle East oil.
5) End the Palestinian peace sham. Put our full weight behind Israel and give them the green light to crush Palestine.
6) In countries which have a 50/50 Muslim/non-Muslim population, work to push the balance in favor of non-Muslims.
7) Help apostates, with half way houses, "underground railroads" and political asylum
8) At home, put pressure on Muslims to apostatize or leave the country. Nothing outright coercive, but enough that they can't strut around pushing their religion onto others.
9) Make policy that employers and businesses are not obligated to comply with religious requirements, as this would violate their 1st amendment rights. It needs to be made clear that any restrictions a religion places on a person is their burden to bear and they have no right to push it onto others.

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