One Solid Fact Can End an Argument


ONE OF THE MOST important keys to understanding Islam is the fact that according to the Quran, a good Muslim must follow Mohammad's example. This simple fact underlies a complete understanding of Islam's purpose and methods in the world. It is the key.

And it is the key to helping
others understand Islam. I have found it powerfully effective to tell people that it says 91 times in the Quran — Islam's central holy book — that a Muslim is obligated to follow Mohammad's example.

Then the conversation can shift into a description of Mohammad's life. At that point, the educational process accelerates tremendously.

Bill Warner has done it again. Bill is the one who
counted how many times the Quran warns people to follow the example of the Messenger, and I can't thank him enough for doing so. That simple fact is incredibly devastating. The flimsy pieces of uninformed arguments are blasted away like a nuclear bomb just went off, and it immediately puts the conversation on a productive track.

Allow me to introduce a document written by Bill Warner that goes into detail about the instructions in the Quran to Muslims to follow Mohammad's example. It's entitled The Sunna of Mohammed. It is thorough. And it will convince.

Every time I mention (in an email or in an article) the fact that it says 91 times in the Quran a Muslim must follow Mohammad's example, I will use a link to this:
The Sunna of Mohammed. And I suggest you do it too.


Vas 3:07 AM  

I read this way back in

He did a great job by giving tremendous info. on Koran and Sunna.

Satya 10:00 AM  

Here in India, thousands of temples were destroped by Muslim rule and today too lot of internal damage is done by Muslims and Christians too. But then Muslims are serious threat as the very Quran guides them to do this.

Even this one argument you stated here does not have effect in India. Here all have falled trapped to just earning money.

India has seen worst effects of Islam rule and yet sustained the culture due to strong foundations being layed due to centuries of cultural and religious foundation in India. But today picture is glommy and media and everyone is silent and infact ignored so much open facts.

India was supposed to be most religious nation once and now People don't have know name of Gita. They will say: Gita is my neighbour. No one is then surely interested to read Quran too.

There have been riots here. There have been total Islamization techniques used and whole North India belt from Pakistan to Bang;adesh is spreading. In south christianity is spreading but that can be tackled. But I don't know why people don't just care to read Quran or atleast

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