Tolerance Should Go Both Ways Or Neither


I JUST READ something by an unknown commenter. She said:

"I'm as intolerant of the Koran as it is of me."

Her statement seems so fair. So reasonable. And yet to those who know what the Koran says, her statement is thoroughly anti-Islamic.

If you want to find out how intolerant the Koran is of you, I recommend reading the book. It's not very long, and nobody else's opinion will matter after that; you will have firsthand knowledge and can speak with authority. This is the version I recommend if English is your first language:

Read The Koran To See What Jihadis Are Reading


Anonymous 12:21 AM  


Unless of course you like supporting SEIU, PETA and Obama.

Citizen Warrior 12:28 PM  

After you sign the petition, do not click OKAY when it says you support SEIU. The box is checked by default.

The SEIU is the Service Employees International Union, a group that helps organize Somali workers in the U.S., among other things.

Uncheck that box.

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