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I received a letter from a woman named Cheryl who lives in Wales, UK. She only recently found out about orthodox Islam's supremacist agenda and I asked her what caused her to awaken. I am intensely curious about the circumstances that lead to an awakening, and if you would like to write to me about how you came to realize Islam has not been "hijacked by extremists," I would love to hear it. Write to me here.

I asked Cheryl if I could excerpt some of her letter in an article, and she said yes. Here's what she said:

The first time I became aware of things was when some people at Mass at my church said the UK would be Islamic within 50 years, the way things are going. After hearing this a few times I began looking it up on the net, being skeptical but just wanting to see why they said that, and to prove them wrong. Well of course I soon found that there was no real counter-argument and that in fact it's a lot more like 10 years. Maybe less.

I then took a deep look at the history and teachings of Islam itself. By this time I had joined the British National Party and was receiving relevant material, videos, etc., from them and other websites like JihadWatch and LionHeart.

When I told my daughter we are in danger of becoming Islamic she said, "So what?" She didn't even want to know about how it isn't exactly the picnic she imagines. She accused me of racism and is disgusted at my nationalist leanings. She's 21 and at college.

My son is 23 and has a six-week old baby girl, who is a real blessing and a joy. First of all, my son was interested in all this but very surprised at my views, and said that if civil war broke out the police and MI5 would look after us. For a time I was comforted by that. But then I began to see that these people who we've traditionally relied upon will in fact not help us, though I do believe MI5 are trying to foil bomb attacks, but I have no faith in the police. I don't know about the army.

But it seems to me no one would do anything much to stop us being killed. I showed my son a film called Islam's Not For Me but very soon, he got fed up, said it was all hate propaganda and he didn't want to discuss this whole topic any more. It depressed him, and even if I'm right, he said, the problem seems so advanced and the odds stacked so heavily against us that we may as well just enjoy however many years we have left, and stop worrying, otherwise "the Muslim bastards are winning now, robbing us of our peace and happiness."

I am now banned from any Muslim conversation with my family. They feel sorry for me, that I'm in this state of worry. All my family are clueless about Islam. They think it's a bunch of guys who worship a guy called Mecca who lives in Mohammed.

Mind you, I've no room to talk...I knew very little about Islam either. I had the usual vague idea that it was similar to Judaism and Christianity. Even while staying in Egypt and Turkey, I never bothered to look into it.

I actually studied theology at university but Islam wasn't covered in that. Maybe it would have been in comparative religion, I don't know. Anyway, although I've looked at many religions and cults, for some reason I never looked at Islam. Obviously, I have now and I can see how it's unlike any other belief system. I actually think it's demonic and a counterfeit Christianity.

Some of my friends think I've been brainwashed and Islam will never take hold here. One friend believes that even if I'm right, God will stop this happening. This friend has a sense of peace about it all and is sure I'm worrying unnecessarily. He doesn't see it being resolved by war or violence at all. He lives in London and is surrounded by Muslims but really feels that, in some way we can't begin to imagine, just like a few years back we couldn't have dreamed what's happening now, the situation will change in our favour. He thinks they might convert, or return to their own lands due to something we can't see yet, or maybe they'll all die from some plague or virus through their dreadful halal meat. He doesn't give them the satisfaction of worrying. As for making plans to move to a remote part of Scotland or something, he thinks that's crazy.

But this same friend cannot accept that Muslims hate us and deceive us. I have another friend, from Ireland who thinks the whole thing will dilute, as many young Muslims, especially women, enjoy the freedoms they have here and want to keep the Western way of life. They like our clothes and don't want to wear the burqa. They will see that their religion is junk. Actually, a lot of them here say they do see that, but how can you trust them?

Some people I've spoken to agree with me, but they already had that view. So in other words I'm not conveying the message very well.

I moved to North Wales a long time ago from Manchester. There are many English people here but it's still a Welsh place, with Welsh being spoken and still some very anti-English attitudes. There are, by comparison with other areas of the UK, very few Muslims. However, there are some. An extended family from Pakistan have bought at least 12 convenience stores, sometimes with post offices as well, all across the area in different villages.

I think the main hurdle I had, in coming to grips with the Islamic situation, was that I couldn't understand their hatred for us. I actually felt a sense of of personal hurt, and then outrage when I realised how they've conned us.

Some Muslims can now have 4 wives here and dozens of children, all sponging off our welfare. If these marriages happened in Islamic countries we have to recognise them.

At this point, Cheryl went on to discuss other matters. The reason I wanted to publish Cheryl's letter is because her description of the responses she has gotten from the different people in her life seem to correspond with the whole gamut I have personally experienced, as well as the experiences I have heard about from other people who have written to me.

In other words, when someone first hears about basic Islamic teachings, they have one of several different kinds of reactions:

1. They might be interested and curious, realizing that they really don't know anything about Islam. This is a very rare response unless you are very good at presenting the information.

2. Like Cheryl's daughter, they might wonder what difference it would make. This stems from an ignorance of both Islamic law and our own culture.

3. Like Cheryl's son, they might think the experts — the military, the police, the politicians — will take care of it, so we don't need to worry about it.

4. And also like Cheryl's son's second response, many people want to write it off as "hate propaganda." Or the subject is so depressing, they want to avoid talking about it. Or that our best response is to ignore it, because if it bothers us "then the terrorists win."

5. Like one of Cheryl's friends, another response you'll get is the belief or hope or ardent wish that God will take care of it. Or that luck or fate will intervene and save us.

What all of these responses have in common (except the first one) is a desire to avoid having to deal with it. People are hoping it's not true. They want to write you off. They desperately desire to ignore this issue because they've got a life to live, and nowhere in their plans have they included time spent dealing with such an unpleasant topic.

On top of that, the underlying belief in all the responses except the first one is that there doesn't seem to be anything we can do about it. Worrying certainly doesn't help. What else can we do? They don't know. And because they don't know, and it seems to them (in their haste to write it off and stop thinking about such a distressing subject) that nothing can be done about it, what's the point of being upset just to be upset?

But all of these notions contain thought-mistakes. The hopelessness is mistaken. The feeling of helplessness is mistaken. We are not helpless in this, and that is the message we must hammer home when we talk to people. Address the issue directly. We've got to continue to try to reach these people, constantly improve our delivery, and turn them around. Failure is not an option.


Nick 1:01 PM  

Another excellent post; keep up the good work.

Gormflaith The Banshee 3:13 PM  

C.W.- excellent article. I do want to tell you however, that Islam has not been hijacked by extremists. NO, the so called moderates are waiting until the Muslim numbers are big enough to take on the giant of Christianity and the U.S. There are some Muslims who would like to practice their "faith", be left alone and would not cause us harm.
Unfortunately, they are all connected to others through family relationships that when push comes to shove, will not stand up for themselves or us. I know about this personally. Any doctrine that holds another person as worth 50%
of another person because of gender can not be tolerated in a modern society. So, let's all get over this hijacked thing and face facts.
Didn't anyone notice that Obama bowed deeply to the Saudi king who
owns a good part of the world...we are in trouble and even if it's tough we must continue to talk to people so that when the handwriting is really on the wall it won't be so hard for them notice. Cheryl, I am here for you and so are others. Do not let them break you.

Gormflaith The Banshee 3:17 PM  

CW, sorry I misread your post....ignore my is clear you do know that Islam is the problem. I think I am spending too much time on this...GtheB 4:48 PM  

We need push the informations in a considerate way. This to avoid to generate an opposite effect in the people we contact. People need enough time to understand the problem and the solutions and accept them. If we feed thm too fast, they will react emotively and will reject us as "extremists".

We must try to be practical, with the problems they will face in their daily lives. So, muslims immigrations, crime, attacks against children, preferential tretament for immigrants, high burden of taxes, muslims pretending people to accomodate their preferences, etc.

First, tune them up with small things then step up with other things.

British Babe 5:07 AM  

Like Cheryl, I too am in the UK and am extremely worried about Islam and the way our gutless government panders to the Muslim community.

But I'd like to address one thing mentioned by Cheryl: her support for the British National Party (BNP).

The BNP is a neo Nazi party and always has been. The current leader of the party, Nick Griffin, has already been officially found guilty of incitement to racial hatred, because of his spiteful remarks about Jews in the magazine he used to edit, 'Rune'.

The BNP manifesto states that all 'non britons' (translation: non whites) will be 'offered repatriation' if the BNP ever gets into power. In other words: ALL British Jews, Asians and Blacks will be 'offered' the chance to LEAVE the UK, even though many of us were BORN here.

I can offer many more alarming examples of racist BNP policy but I don't want to hijack this thread. So if anyone DOES want more info, please visit

I'm going to post the extra info there right now and it should be up within thirty minutes.

Many British citizens, me included are terrified at the encroachment of Islam in the UK. But supporting the Nazi policies of the BNP is NOT THE WAY.

British Babe 7:27 AM  

Just to back up a comment I posted earlier about the BNP being a Neo Nazi party, here is what their election manifesto states:

The BNP constitution says that anyone who cannot prove a link to Britain before 1948 can never be considered British.

“The British National Party stands for the preservation of the national and ethnic character of the British people and is wholly opposed to any form of racial integration between British and non-European peoples.
It is therefore committed to stemming and reversing the tide of non-white immigration.”

- BNP constitution

More on the BNP at

shahid 7:17 AM  

Jew with a view,

Yes its true that the BNP in the past was racist and had a skin head image but these days its a respectable party which just wants to give the indigineous people their country this too much to ask for? Actually most, if not all, BNP members are former Labour/Tory supporting ordinary people who have just had enough. I suggest you attend a BNP meeting and just LISTEN to the topics being discussed, it might surprise you!

Anonymous 12:02 PM  

BNP in the past was racist...? Oh, come on - you're not serious? Ae you actually trying to say that the Nazi party has changed? That they are now the peace-niks of the global politics? Dream on! Yes, Islam is a threat, but (as has already been stated) replacing one threat with another does not solve the problem!

Anonymous 4:24 AM  

I would say that Englishmen and Englishwomen must take what is given, not what is not given.
What is the alternative to the BNP?
Labour? NO
Tory? NO
What else?

You combat with the allies and the weapons and the people you have, not with the allies, people and weapons you like.

In WW2, UK and US allied with USSR, and the USSR was not better than the Nazi. They were allies each other until 1941.

cheryl 3:48 PM  

The BNP are not anti-Jewish. There are some Jewish members and also an officeholder, Pat Richardson, who was elected as councillor by the people of Epping Forest, north of London. Nick Griffin has said that islam is a 'wicked and vicious' religion, and was acquitted in the courts on that issue. It's true that in 1998 he had some anti-semitic views and was given a suspended prison sentence for denying the holocaust. But he has since publicly renounced these ideas, now believing that he was utterly mistaken.

It was my letter that Citizen Warrior quoted from. I'm not Jewish but have spent the happiest years of my life in Israel and have Jewish friends. I took a long hard look at the BNP and I met Nick Griffin, before joining, as there's no way I'd get involved with anything remotely anti-Jewish. The BNP are well aware of the threat of islam in the UK. They recognise that Jews and Christians are the common enemy of islam. They support Israel against hamas and were appalled by the dreadful anti-Jewish demonstrations a few months ago, and the lack of prosecutions for that hate.

If the BNP ever got into power, we would ban islam, close all the mosques and ban the production and import of halal meat.

They are trying to educate and save everyone from islam, and it's awful to think that some people see the BNP as the same as the executioners of the Jews. Some people are even calling Israeli soldiers nazis. The real nazis are those who will kill us all in an instant when they have enough numbers, and these monsters are well down that road already.

cheryl 4:07 PM  

If anyone followed the link to the video Islam's Not For Me they will see that it's on the British People's Party website. The British People's Party, while being vehemently opposed to islam, are unfortunately anti-semitic. BNP members are not allowed to join the BPP in view of this.

"Paul Revere" 8:44 AM  

Thank you for your great insights. I got an insight off of this statement, which might apply to MANY westerners. You wrote: “I actually felt a sense of of personal hurt... “

Westerners cannot understand how a group of people could just hate them.
I thought to myself an answer to that statement:

It's not personal, they just hate you (because you're not Muslim).

This is a concept that western thinkers just cannot wrap their heads around because we don't think like that. We think that any act of violence has to be someone's fault, and since it can't be the fault of a religion (that's wrongly perceived to be in the same vein as Judaism and Christianity), let alone a religion that is often (wrongly)sub-named "the religion of peace", It has to be our fault, and somehow we deserve it, and we must do what we can to understand them (although WE DON’T ACTUALLY DO IT,) and Westerners in general feel a sense of personal hurt and think, "what can I do to stop radical Islam's violence," in other words, "what can I do to acquiesce to Islam's demands so they'll quit blowing us up?"

The sad answer – and the REAL understanding - is the REAL answer:
There is nothing you can do except become Muslim and join them.
And even then, that may not be enough, because as we've seen hundreds of times, Muslims sometimes attack Muslims for not being Muslim enough.

Islam cannot be changed. And Westerners need to get their head around this:

It's not personal, they just hate you (because you're not Muslim).

Brigitte Gabriel's "Because They Hate" book is a GREAT picture of this realization, and a compelling STORY. It does a great job of being RELATIONAL, and gets to the heart of the people behind the news stories you see from thousands of miles away.

Paul Revere

Paul Revere 9:22 AM  

Yes, I don't want to be marginalized as an extremist, and thereby nullify my message, BUT
one thing I DONT want to marginalize is the TRUTH.
We CANNOT say "Islam is Peace" and try to just that against tens of thousands ( ) of examples to the contrary.
Craig Winn( ) has a great quote that cuts through the clutter: "Islam is as Islam does." We should be quoting that one over and over and over again to all those who "just want this whole Islam problem to go away." It will NOT go away with wishful thinking, or (as Cheryl so righly stated) with hopes and prayers. Evil has to be confronted. And NO ONE likes confrontation, but this problem will get worse until we're ready to step up and call a spade a spade.
I DO want my message to be effective, but I will not marginalize truth. Truth IS the effective message.

Anonymous 3:32 PM  

@Paul Revere
I don't say to hide the truth, but people need time to change their world view. Too much, too early and they will fear you and not them. Negation is a psychological defense system.

Better to give them a drop of bitter truth every day, this will not activate their defenses and slowly they will start to accept the truth.

My bet is that by 2010-2012 we will see troubles in Europe, somewhere. Obama project weakness, Brown project weakness, many governments in Europe and elsewhere project weakness. And weakness invite aggression.

The sad thing is we need to wait they do something really stupid and violent, so more people will awake and ask actions and will not accept excuses. This is the only way people could be awakened faster. But anyone that advocate appeasement to the Muslims feed them to the Muslims. Let them do their bed and sleep inside.

The Kosher Ninja 4:59 AM  

One massive problem with this: Cheryl is a member of the BNP. This is a neo Nazi party which BANS all NON WHITES from becoming members, not that any would wish to.

I too am extremely worried about the Islamisation of Europe, but I would like to point out to other readers that the answer is NOT to support the vile BNP.

Anyone who wants more info on the British National Party should go here:

The BNP has links with virtually every neo Nazi group in Europe. BNP leader Nick Griffin was prosecuted for incitement to racial hatred some years back.

The BNP also denies the Holocaust.

Anonymous 5:48 AM  

As always, excellent article.
Thank you

Walter Sieruk 10:27 AM  

As a former Muslim ,author and former member of the Dutch Parliament Ayaan Hirsi Ali has explained when she put it in a very short way. She stated "Radical Muslim ? That's a euphemism for practicing Islam prue and simple." In other words a "radical Muslim" is a person who many people call a terrorist who in engaging of the murderous violence of "Islamic extremism." That person is in reality putting in the practice the violance and killing that ispart of teachimg of the Quran. For example the Quran teaches in Sura 9:111,112"The believers fighte in Allah's Cause,they slay and are slain,kill and are killed." Likewise in Sura 47:4 it instructs "Whenever you encounter the unbelievers strike off their heads untill you make a great slaughter among them..." Lets face it a bomb or a firearm can make a greater "slaughter among them " then a sword can. Just as using jet aircrafts a missles as on September 11, 2001 and also make a much greater "slaugher slaughter among them" the a sword is able to do. That's sure some strange kind of "peaceful religion."

Emily 7:05 PM  

I had EXACTLY the same opinion reading Cheryl's letter as a Jew with a view. The BNP are in my opinion most likely fascists I am afraid and therefore perhaps its your association with them that turns people off listening to you re Islam.

I too may well share views with them but I would never in a million years vote for them as I believe they still have national front values (the kind our father's and grandfathers fought to keep out in ww2) but they are simply trying to sanitise the image now by putting on suits and smiles. I don't want any fascism in this country be it bnp or islamofascism.

I understand Cheryl your thinking and no doubt you hope that that they are not fascist, however I would say to you that you are doing the ostrich thing there and hoping, just like half of this country is hoping Islam is peaceful. I can appreciate that no one seems to be standing against Islamists however personally I think UKIP will be sympathetic on the issue even though they are possibly keeping their powder dry on it for the moment. I think the BNP scares people and that is not persuasive even though their arguments on Islam are pretty on the money.

As this site says its about changing people's minds bit by bit. and hopefully persuading our less fascist politician's minds. And doing practical things like campaigning against Halal.

Citizen warrior just read a few articles and was going to leave a comment anyway to say what a fantastic site. The articles are so well argued too. Probably the best articles I have ever seen on the subject and I have read a fair few. Very inspiring.

Anonymous 9:11 AM  

having two three four and more babies.

Anonymous 6:13 PM  

I'm a member of ACT for America. We keep trying to educate people about Islam. As the leader of Turkey stated...Islam is Islam.There may be moderate Muslims, but there is no moderate Islam. Islam is the most anti-human organization in the history of the world! They mistreat their own people horribly, so why do so many ignorant people think they will be goody two-shoes when they deal with us infidels???? I am friggin' tired of low-information people and I am about out of all my patience with them. If they think Muslims are just hunky-dory then let them go live in a friggin' hardcore Muslim country. I bet you that they will be begging to come back within a month.

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