What About The History Of Western Colonialism In The Islamic World?


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Following the defeat of the Ottoman army outside Vienna on September 11, 1683 by Polish forces, Islam went into a period of strategic decline in which it was overwhelmingly dominated by the European powers. Much of dar al-Islam was colonized by the European powers who employed their superior technology and exploited the rivalries within the Muslim world to establish colonial rule.

While many of the practices of the Western imperial powers in the governance of their colonies were clearly unjust, it is utterly unwarranted to regard Western imperialism — as it often is — as an endemic criminal enterprise that is the basis of modern resentment against the West. It was only due to the assertive role of the Western powers that modern nation-states such as India, Pakistan, Israel, South Africa, Zimbabwe, etc. came to exist in the first place. Without Western organization, these areas would have likely remained chaotic and tribal as they had existed for centuries.

When one looks at the post-colonial world, it is apparent that the most successful post-colonial nations have a common attribute: they are not Muslim. The United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Israel, India, and the South American nations clearly outshine their Muslim-majority post-colonial counterparts — Iraq, Algeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, etc. — by just about any standard.

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Islam 101 was written by Gregory M. Davis, author of Religion of Peace?: Islam's War Against the World, and the producer/director of Islam: What the West Needs to Know.


Doubt 11:50 PM  

Sir, you missed an important point.

"What about Western Colonialism" can be simply replaced with "What about MidEastern Colonialism in the whole world?".

Colonialism was concept by Mid Eastern World, not by Europe. It was Persia (Modern day Iran) who colonized Greece in 546 BCE during Persian invasion of Lydia. They also tried to colonize Egypt in 500 BCE. Spain & Rome were colonized by Turkey. Saudi Colonized the whole of Africa through their slave trade.

Western colonialism only started in 6th Century. MidEastern colonialism was prevalent earlier. In fact, colonialism is a MidEastern concept borrowed by Europe.

Read this to know more

Click on Next button to read page 2. On page 3, he explains how Arabs colonized the whole world.

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