Your Mission, Should You Decide to Accept It


While it's true that helping women gain rights around the world will weaken orthodox Islam, and stripping oil of its strategic status will weaken the Wahhabi movement, we still need to educate our fellow citizens about the principles of Islam and its prime directive because neither of those first two tasks will stop the stealth jihad. Only an educated population can do that.

If you are not very good at persuading people and don't want to get any better at it, then go ahead and focus on women's rights and fuel competition. But if you're willing to educate people about Islam, I have a mission for you: Get someone who you feel is close to understanding Islam to sign up for Citizen Warrior's email updates (or Political Islam's or ACT! for America's or whoever you think would help educate your friend). Make it your mission to convince the person to sign up for someone's email updates.

We need to bring more people into the fold. Preaching to the choir is not getting it done. We need to expand our reach. We need to make the effort to awaken our fellow non-Muslims. I know this is difficult sometimes, but if you're willing to get better at it, the task will get easier. But whether it is easy or hard, it is our most urgent imperative.


Citizen Warrior 11:39 AM  

Someone emailed this comment:

2 groups of people we need to address are: the under 50 and the people of faith.

90 percent of people who attend my talks are grey haired individuals. Here in Southern California there are many "interfaith" groups who meet and sing kumbaya.

912 groups and Tea Party groups I have found are good to recruit from.

I think Bill will echo my comments and concerns. Matter of fact, it was Bill's idea to get people of faith on board with us.

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