Resuming After Christmas


OUR "DAY JOBS" have buried us in work, so Citizen Warrior articles won't be forthcoming until after Christmas (unless we can wrangle a day off at some point, which is entirely possible).

We wish you and yours a great holiday season. And we will get back to solving one of Earth's biggest problems when we return.

Remember, holiday gatherings are great opportunities to practice your rapport-building skills.



Unknown 6:24 PM  

THANK YOU for publishing my story, I hope someone enjoyed it. And THANK both of you for all you do. I'll be republishing some of your articles soon. Hope you guys don't mind. I'll put up part of the articles and link to your site for the rest.

While I eagerly anticipate more helpful writings from ya'll, I would be saddened if ya'll did not take the opportunity to refuel and refresh yourself. I noticed you guys have been at this for a very long time and I now know how exhausting it can be, doing this kind of work. So practice what you rightfully preach and enjoy your little your time away as much as possible. I would rather see you guys enjoy a day or two off than try to squeeze an article or two in. WE need you guys in tip top shape, so take care, enjoy and be blessed. SEE YOU SOON!

BTW, things have been going well between me and my friends fiancĂ©, she said she would read the book you suggested. So far the opportunity has not presented itself for me to tell her of the disastrous implications of her attitude about talking about Islam. But my conversations continue with her future husband because sometimes I just ignore that talking about Islam gets her nerves riled up and I often find myself struggling to find anything to talk about that is not related to Islam. All day long, things remind me of and make me think about Islam. So my new saying is,, “I’m not sorry I have nothing to talk about but Islam, because EVRYONE should be talking about it”.

Anonymous 7:56 AM  

Merry Christmas Citizen Warrior, thanks for what you do!

Citizen Warrior 1:22 PM  

I know what you mean about feeling like you don't want to talk about anything but Islam.

Even completely unrelated conversations somehow lead back to Islam.

I wish our hiatus was restful but we're working long hours. But we don't need a break from Citizen Warrior. We have found a way to do it so it is not exhausting. We actually ENJOY the work.

Angela 2:39 PM  

O man. ONly 11 more days to go.... Enjoy!

Damien 10:39 AM  

Citizen Warrior,

I hope you enjoy your Christmas vacation.

Traeh 12:21 AM  

Hey Citizen Warrior,
I tried one of your suggestions: responding to some of the questions about Islam on Yahoo Answers. I posted quotes from core Islamic texts, plus links to those texts in the University of Southern California hadith database. The questioner was a Muslim pushing his viewpoint. There were perhaps ten people who tried to answer his question ("Is Islam the new Christianity?"). Most of the answers were half-serious one-liners. But I'm hoping that some of those people saw my answer with all the quotes showing Muhammad's violence and totalitarianism and attitude toward women.

Thank you for your ideas and help.

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