Chronological Order of the Quran


ONE OF OUR readers offered me a PDF document to put on Citizen Warrior. It would be useful if you have a copy of the Quran that hasn't been put in chronological order (it adds a lot of clarification to the Quran when you read it in chronological order).

If you haven't bought a Quran yet, I recommend An Abridged Koran (read why). Here's what our contributor sent along with the PDF document:

Inspired by you I bought the Quran. But after I ordered I realized that the version I bought was in the traditional order from longest to shortest. So I went to wikiislam and used a table there to make a PDF that I could print out and put into my book next to the contents.

I am attaching the file. It is almost too simple to offer to people but if you want you can put it on your homepage for people who already have a Quran which is not in chronological order. They should print the file and specify to print on both pages. In the file there are 4 tables in the order 4,1,2,3. If people print it with "print on both pages" turned on, they should get a small booklet with the chronological contents.

Get your Chronological Order of the Qur'an here.


Anonymous 7:20 PM  

Thanks for the post!

I recently came across this page:

You can order a free copy of the Qu'ran right there. (Comes in many languages- so very interesting for the European readers.) I haven't gotten mine yet, so I can't really tell a lot more - I will let you know as soon as I have it.

Maybe interesting for readers who are not yet willing to spend money on the book!

Citizen Warrior 7:42 PM  

Very helpful, thank you. I went to check out that site and they have a different address for Canadians:

You can download a copy, or they will send you a hardcopy of the Qur'an for free.

Anonymous 10:05 PM  

I would be wary of any free quran. They are frequently edited, or contain parenthetical gloss that isn't in the original text, in order to mislead the reader (and not coincidentally do their job as da'wa).

Speaking of the "Abridged Koran" mentioned in the other post, do the places where things are repeated still exist? That is, is there a "refer to page XXX for the story that goes here" placeholder? Also, are the repeats really identical word for word? I can easily see an ad-hoc work like the Quran contain stories with elements or phrasing that differ from telling to telling, even to the point the meaning the reader is intended to learn is changed.

Citizen Warrior 1:14 AM  

That's a good point, Randian. A quick check of Sura 9, verses one through 5 should let you know if your version has been modified.

About An Abridged Koran, I just sent Bill Warner your question. I'm waiting for his answer.

You Who 2:02 PM  

This should be a great help. I have already shared.
I ordered a "free" Koran about 5 years ago. I'm still waiting. At that time I couldn't find one online.
I want to wish everyone a happy Independence Day. If you don't use it, you'll loose it.
Thank you so much CW for your short, to the point articles. I woke a young man up the other day at work by using the things I have learned here. I have been talking to him for months now about Islam. Lol, to the point where most people know how I am. My boss overheard me and said "April does he know how you are"? He spoke up and said he did and that he didn't mind, he learns a lot from me. However, the other day I saw it click on his face. I believe he really gets it now. He's only 18 years old, I don't think he fully understood the true threat until then. I'll be getting his email address and your site will be the first I'll send him. He's outspoken and was an A student. I'm sure he will be able to wake some more young people up.

Citizen Warrior 2:15 PM  

Excellent, You Who! And thank you very much.

Citizen Warrior 2:55 PM  

Okay, Randian, I got an answer from Bill Warner, the architect of the excellent books by CSPI (of which An Abridged Koran is one). Here's what Warner says:

"The Abridged Koran does not give any notice about missing verses. Its purpose is to present the epic story of the Koran, the big picture, not small details. It is about the forest, not the trees. Once you read the Abridged Koran, you can pick up any bookstore Koran and understand it.

"There are differences in the way that the different stories are told. Questions: Why couldn't Allah remember the story and tell it the same way each time? Why does nearly every story have missing parts?"

Anonymous 5:28 PM  

Do you happen to know if there is a list for the abrogations as well?
The PDF for the chronological order is great! I would love to have some similar overview concerning the abrogations!

Citizen Warrior 7:24 PM  

Here's some good information about abrogation: Definition of Abrogation. Check out the links at the bottom.

Anonymous 10:22 PM  

Another site for a chart giving the abrogation order for the Qu'ran can be found at the ACT! for America, Memphis Chapter web site at

Anonymous 8:14 AM  

A good source for the Qur'an in English is from the Univ. of So. California which shows 3 translations for each verse and is approved by Islamic scholars:

The also have the Sunna and Hadith:

Another simple online version with some subjects and references is: (they also do the Bible and the Book of Mormon, showing the contradictions and absurdities of all of these 'holy' books)


Traeh 9:05 AM  

This website has about 30 different translations of each verse in the Qur'an:

Anonymous 2:52 AM  

Why are you "selling" An Abridged Koran if you want non-Muslims to learn about Islam. The PDF file should be offered free.

Citizen Warrior 11:17 AM  

I'm not selling anything. The Abridged Koran was created by the Center for the Study of Political Islam. I'm merely telling people that it exists and that it is a good version.

Linda Strawn 6:04 AM  

Another free online chronological Koran can be found at:

Its almost 400 PDF pages. And begs the question again, why so much repetition? And if you delve into how the Koran came into being, you'll find the originators had so much conflicting original text that they chose some and then burned every single original item to cover their tracks and prevent confusion!!!!

Anonymous 5:30 PM  

Anyone with a bit of common sense can see after reading the Quran, just how parochial is their so called final revelation.Any true message from God should have in it the quality of universality.That is to say,it transcends time and place.The Christian ethic of LOVE found in the New Testament and especially in the Gospel of John is one such message which is universal (found in all cultures) and eternal(LOVE like gravity is it seems,a universal constant)

Now compare that to the Quran.Anyone who's familiar with the Torah and Bible can see straight away that the Quran is a bowdlerized pastiche of stories from both,along with Apocrapha,pre-Islamic folk tales,snippets of Zoroastrianism and pagan customs.Superstition abounds in it along with tribal rivalries,petty squabbles over who owns what goat or slaves,blood feuds,infighting amongst the believers,the Shia/Sunni schism and bloodletting that followed Mohammed's successors,etc.
It also sanctions polygamy,child marriage,stoning,amputation,beheading,slavery,concubinage and incest.
In other words,it's everything one should expect a man made religion to be circa 632 in dog eat dog Tribal Arabia.Their Allah is in essence,merely the Arab character writ large.

Anonymous 2:28 PM  

You have an error: Surah 26, chronologically 47, has 227 ayat, or verses. Not 226, as presented in the PDF provided. I had to check with and to confirm. Please correct this error ASAP.


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