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YOU NEVER know how long a video will stay on YouTube. In this case, the video is still available, but the high resolution version is no longer available to download.


Gert 12:59 AM  

I uploaded the video to a Premium rapidshare account so the link should stay alive:

Citizen Warrior 11:29 AM  

Excellent! Thanks, Gert.

Damien 10:56 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

I think you'll also be pleased to know I found this same video on some of the skeptical youtube channels that I frequent. I did nothing to let the people who run those channels know about about it, yet there it were. I think having it favorited or mirrored by some highly respected youtube skeptics will go a long way toward getting more people to take what it has to say seriously. There are also links to your site in the video's side bar, so more people will see your informative blog as well.

Citizen Warrior 11:28 PM  

That's great news, Damien! When I saw the video, I thought, "THIS is what we need. Stuff like this. So clean and straightforward that people can share it with ANYBODY."

I hope it goes viral.

TheOther 12:00 AM  

Hello Citizen Warrior!

I just discovered your great blog here, and I knew about this video earlier. It's good to see how fast it spread, and how good the responses are.

I'm from Austria. It is hard to discuss about religion and people from other countries here, because it happens very fast that someone just calls you "Nazi" and does not take your words serious anymore. Our sad past just sticks with us like some annoying illness you don't get rid of...

When I first saw this video, I had to send it to friends and family. And guess what? Now there are about 100 people I know that said: "I did not know that. Wow. Thanks for sharing that information!" No one called this video racist or offensive, as some of them would normaly do if something criticises religions!

By the way - do you know if there is a blog like yours in german too? If not: Would you be interested in having your blog translated, so that more people can read it?

Keep the good work up,
Greetings from austria!

Citizen Warrior 12:21 AM  


We have a similar problem here, even without your history in Austria. As soon as you start speaking, people don't want to hear it. They think you must be a racist or something.

I'm glad that video made a difference. I will pass your message onto White Roses.

I don't know if there is a blog like mine in German, and no, I wouldn't mind if you translated it. If you do, send me a link, would you?

- CW

Citizen Warrior 12:25 AM  

By the way TheOther, I'm assuming you know about the Three Things video in German. If not, here it is:

Also, I'm aware of what's happening in Austria because I've been corresponding with one of your fellow Austrians, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, and wrote an article about her:

TheOther 3:23 AM  

Good thing, I wanted to fresh up my english skills anyway.
So, if I find the time I'll translate some of your posted articles and send you the link. I'll mention that all credit goes to you.

When I talked about the Three Things video I ment the german one, it's really well done. They've chosen a good narrator.

Never heard the name Sabaditsch-Wolff before tough. She seems to be an interesting person. Just read the article about her *sigh* Same thing every time - You tell 'em the truth, and they say you are doing hate speeches... They should visit a "Moschee", as it is called here, if they wanted to hear real hate speeches...

Citizen Warrior 2:17 PM  


I forwarded your comment to Elisabeth, and she would like to talk to you. Email me at and I'll forward it to her, okay?

TheOther 3:12 AM  


I started translating already, but it is, as I suspected a lot of work.
So it could take some time until you'll receive the link for it.


Ibn Matti 3:40 AM  

It seems that the video cannot be downloaded from that link. Do you know how to get the video from somewhere else? I'm planning to write Finnish subtitles to it and share it in my blog.

Citizen Warrior 11:05 AM  

Ibn, that's too bad. I don't know what to tell you. I think there is a way to download a video from YouTube. Here's the video on YouTube:

You also might be able to contact the creator of the video: White Roses. Try contacting them here:

And when your version has been created, let me know and I'll announce it on Citizen Warrior.


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