Taqiyya Captured on Film


THE VIDEO below is a clip from the movie, Obsession. About halfway through the clip, you will see some great examples of taqiyya captured on film. Check it out:


Traeh 12:24 AM  

Shocking video. Excellent.

Twain Shakespeare Ross 10:44 PM  

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend."
"If the 3rd Reich were invaded by Hell, I would have good words for the Devil." Churchill
I wouldn't go near that far.

The article cited below from CounterPunch explains the funding behind the production and mass distribution of the film "Obsession"
"Koch Footprints Lead to Political Powder Keg : The Far Right's Secret Slush Fund to Keep Fear Alive"
The Pentagon wants me dead. The billionaires,(like the Kochs) want me enslaved, or dead. The Literalist Muslims want me dead. The Mormons want me dead. The Southern Baptists want me dead. The Catholics used to burn people like me alive. Even my grandmother wanted me dead.
To be fair, I am often happy when these people die, so I suppose I want them dead right back, even though I have been trying to cultivate non-violence and ahimsa in my heart for much of the last fifty years.
At least Islam, Nazism, Soviet Communism, and Platonic Philosphy are honest hypocrites. Communist and Muslims are openly taught to lie, and Hitler went so far as to say in Mein Kampf, "I am a liar."

mi 4:12 AM  

What is it that people don't see about islam?! there is NOTHING good in islam that cannot be had with islam and it's book of death. any peaceful statements are equally applicable in any other mainstream religion, and, indeed, in non-religious convictions such as humanism and atheism. the non-islamic world needs to wake up and take very strong action, very quickly!


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