Geert Wilders Speaks the Hard Truth


IN A SIX-minute interview with Bill O'Reilly, Geert Wilders says that the first, most sensible thing Europe can do is stop immigration from Muslim countries. Watch the interview here:

Geert Wilders Calls for the End of Muslim Immigration

And it might
already be too late for Europe. But it is not yet too late for the United States because we still have a low percentage of Muslims. We must stop Muslim immigration before the percentage gets any higher. Not all Muslims follow the religion strictly, but the more Muslims you have, the more politically-active supremacists will be among them, and the more trouble we will have. (Watch a video about that here. Read more about it here.)

So if you haven't signed the petition to stop U.S. Muslim immigration, please sign it now and persuade all your friends and family to sign it. Post it on your FaceBook or MySpace page. Sign the petition here: Stop Muslim Immigration.


zebulon9 12:40 PM  

Every citizen should be a soldier. This was the case with the Greeks and Romans, and must be that of every free state. (Thomas Jefferson)

Don't forGeert Wilders!
Stop talking, start acting.
Isn't Geert's freedom worth a stamp?

If Geert Wilders falls, then Freedom of speech is dead in Europe. We are launching an extensive International Action SITA including two possible texts ; one comparing Wilders and Winston Churchill and another Wilders and Charlie Chaplin:

To support Geert Wilders and our dearly acquired freedoms please participate to the 2 suggested actions and transmit this message to your friends owners of a website in order they publish it.

An other way to support Geert Wilders is to give some money. To donate:


SITA action in support to Geert Wilders, report N°2 (25/02/2009)
It's already one month ago (21/01-->25/02) we have been launching an international SITA action in support to Geert Wilders the "Voltaire" of four time.
The beginning success with 2 large peaks of 400 views(01/26/09) then 300(02/07/09) is confirmed with presently more than 3000 views..
Still better, our SITA websites ( and have been visited by Dutch Ministery of Justice:
It's clearly the proof SITA mails are disturbing Dutch authorities. So much better it's our aim.
Let's forget peaks, from now on we must keep on sending from time to time (once a week or month) a SITA mail in order the dhimmis from Amsterdam receive every day one or two letters, not necessaryly an amount. Think about the drop of water falling regularly at the same place and capable to make a hole in the hardest rock.
For example you could send a SITA mail every month at the date of you birthday so it would be an almost random process. A little effort from every one and a great success for all of us. Let's maintain the pressure.

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