Waging Jihad by Gaining Concessions


If your goal was the eventual overthrow of the government and establishing sharia law as the law of the land, but you didn't have a large enough majority to do it by voting or by force, how could you do it? One good way would be to keep pressing for small, incremental concessions. And when you gain one, to hold it, and try to gain another.

And if you were using this strategy, what is the first concession you'd try to gain? I think it would be to establish laws and cultural norms that prohibit criticism of your group or its goals in speech or writing. This could effectively prevent an organized effort to block the next concessions you try to gain.

That is exactly what orthodox Muslims are trying to do.

Every totalitarian state that ever ruled a nation has done the same thing, and did it first. If you can't criticize something in public, you are left with your private thoughts and your few intimate friends. Are you the only ones who think this way? You don't know. Silencing criticism isolates the dissenters. And it prevents important public discussions from taking place.

Silencing criticism makes it possible for other concessions to be gained without effective opposition.

Earnest Muslims are using every method they can think of to shut down criticism and free speech. They legally lobby politicians and media outlets, pressuring them to silence or fire someone who criticized Islam. They slander anyone who criticizes Islam by calling them "Islamophobic" or "racist." They bring lawsuits against people even if they know they will not win because the bad press is damaging enough. And they riot in the streets. After a Dutch newspaper published a cartoon depicting Mohammad, Muslims rioted all over Europe, leaving 187 people dead and making publishers think twice about publishing something critical to Islam again.

And this aggressive religion will keep pushing unless we stop it. A sufficient number of them will not try to be fair, will not try to "assimilate," and will never let up on the pressure to take over. It is their religious duty.

The way to stop its spread without being cruel or violent is to establish the policy: No more concessions to Islam.

I once had a job working for a seminar company. My job was to call people who had taken an introductory seminar and convince them to take the main seminar we were selling. I was given a stack of cards participants had filled out at the introductory seminar and I was told how to handle the calls: "If they give you a definite 'no,' throw the card away. Otherwise put it here and we'll call them again later."

And we would keep calling these people, harassing them for years because those people were too nice to simply say, "I am not interested." People would say, "I don't know, let me think about it." They would say all kinds of things other than "no." I could hear in their voices that most of them really wanted to say no, but they wouldn't. I felt sorry for these people, and yet I couldn't help but think they were stupid. Why not be firm? Why not be honest? It would save them a lot of stress. If only they knew my instructions, they would have said no firmly right up front.

But the thing is, most of us are used to dealing with people who will not exploit our "niceness." We deal with fair, considerate people almost all the time, and our ways of dealing with fair people work very well. I'm assuming you are a fair person. What do you do? If someone gave you a "socially acceptable" excuse like "I'll think about it," you would let them bow out, wouldn't you? You wouldn't ignore their signals and keep pushing.

But here's what we all have to learn sooner or later: For people who ignore your signals and keep pushing, you had better develop a different approach — an approach with more firmness and strength, an approach that protects yourself and defends your interests.

The same goes for dealing with aggressive vacuum-cleaner salesmen. Have they ever come to your door? If you show the slightest interest, you'll be stuck talking to them until you say yes. They are relentless, and to deal with it, you had better be firm. If you say, "I'm busy right now," they will say, "That's okay, when would be a good time to come back?"

Islam operates much the same, except on a much larger scale with a political agenda and more deadly consequences. Islam is pressing for concessions constantly, trying to find the weaknesses, trying to find the cracks, the loopholes, and it will keep pushing until it accomplishes its goal: A world in which every country is ruled by sharia law.

This is not one of those problems that will go away by itself. It is up to us to be firm. They are not going to stop on their own. They must be stopped by us.

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Anonymous 6:44 AM  

Absolutely right. What really worries me is that our societies are not used to be honest, are not used to be firm. We are used to have everything done easily and I don't really believe these societies are going to be tough enough to fight against Islam.

Most people are not concerned at all about UN resolutions. They consider that something which happens far and away and has no interest for them. In fact, when speaking about this, I have been answered that it is "an exaggeration".

Citizen Warrior 11:44 AM  

I think a lot of people feel that way even if they don't say it out loud. They feel the threat is exaggerated. They feel that those of us who are warning of danger are choosing only one of many dangers on the horizon, which is true, although the threat is not exaggerated and we feel an urgency because the threat is growing.

Your task, Claudia, is to convince them with specific facts that the danger is real and legitimate. They need to SEE it and FEEL it. One good way is to convince the person to see the movie, Obsession.

Another way is to convince them to watch this short YouTube video:

What Islam Is Not

These movies will help them understand what all the fuss is about.

Or you can read and memorize the facts in Zeyno Baran's article, The Muslim Brotherhood's US Network.

When we reach what seems like an audience who won't listen, the only good response to make is find out what we can do to get them to listen.

Citizen Warrior 12:39 PM  

In the article, The Muslim Brotherhood's US Network, there is this example of an attempt to gain publicity. One of the ways Muslims gain concessions is by being perceived to be wronged or discriminated against. Non-Muslims are more open to conceding something to someone who seems "oppressed." This is one of the key techniques used by Muslims since Mohammad's day (see the article, Pretext For Hostilities In Islamic Thinking).

Here's the example:

"Islamists sometimes even provoke incidents intended to make the American Muslim community feel under siege, presumably in an attempt to compel them to unite. The case of the six imams who were denied access to a U.S. Airways flight in 2006 is instructive. CAIR, which represented these imams, claimed this was a clear case of discrimination against Muslims. Yet the imams were prevented from flying not because they were Muslim or held a prayer session directly outside the gate (and again on the plane, which is peculiar since even devout Muslims do not pray this frequently), but because they were behaving like hijackers. The imams demanded to board at the same time even though only two had first-class tickets and then attempted to reseat themselves on the plane in a suspicious formation (two in the tail, two in the mid-section, and two in first class). They muttered loudly in Arabic about jihad and cursed the United States for its involvement in Iraq. They requested seat belt extensions (which can be used as makeshift weapons) even though none was large enough to need it. Other Muslim passengers on the flight were not harassed. Given their blatantly suspicious behavior it has been suggested by many that the imams were deliberately trying to provoke their removal from the airplane."

Citizen Warrior 12:47 PM  

Here's another example of provoking a public feeling of being wronged as leverage to gain a concession, from this article:

"A Muslim said he is suing Tesco for religious discrimination because he was asked to handle crates of alcohol in a warehouse.

"Mohammed Ahmed, 32, was employed at the supermarket giant's Lichfield depot in September last year for a job that included transporting various goods on fork-lift trucks.

"The Saudi Arabia national told a tribunal he had not been told when he started the job that he would be handling alcoholic drinks — a task he said was against his Islamic beliefs."

Citizen Warrior 12:52 PM  

Here's another specific example of Muslims trying to gain concessions, in this case unsuccessfully because of the firmness of Hege Storhaug:

Muslims in Norway are pushing for a restriction on alcohol because it makes Muslims feel uncomfortable sometimes when people around them are drinking.

"Muslims want to have alcohol-free days in discos. There should be some days when people can go to restaurants and discos where there's a total ban on alcohol," says one of the Muslims pushing for political reform.

So far, Hege Storhaug of Human Rights Service rejects such a proposal. "All the time they have special rules," says Storhaug, "and we reject special requirements. We get a split-up society and Islam gets more presence in the public sphere. People force religious opinions on others. In the most extreme consequence it leads to the Islamization of society." I like this woman.

"All the time it's Muslims who come with special requirements," she says. "We never hear a peep from Catholics, Jews, Hindus etc."

This concession didn't happen. Will this stop them? No. They will keep pushing. The only answer is no more concessions to Islam.

Read the whole story: Alcohol as an Obstacle.

Source: Citizen Warrior Heroes.

Citizen Warrior 1:59 PM  

"Not since the Nazi book burnings of the 1930s has free speech been as endangered as it is today. Firebombing publishers, murdering filmmakers, issuing death threats against writers and cartoonists, suing researchers, restricting freedom of expression through bogus "human rights commissions" and the U.N. — these are some of the ways militant Islamists, their enablers and apologists, are seeking to silence their critics.

"Intimidation is another. It operates on campuses and within the Foreign Policy Establishment. A recent experience may be instructive." Read the rest of the article...

Citizen Warrior 7:50 PM  

As David J. Rusin wrote:

"Islamists cannot tolerate open discussion of their faith and those who act in its name. We witness this phenomenon time and again from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which increasingly forgoes combat in the arena of ideas, preferring instead to intimidate or litigate opponents of the Islamist agenda into silence.

"The latest example comes in response to the Clarion Fund distributing twenty-eight million DVDs of Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West via direct mail and newspaper supplements in September. The film exposes the teachings and consequences of Islamic extremism through media footage and commentary from experts, including Middle East Forum director Daniel Pipes.

"CAIR has filed complaints with both the Federal Election Commission and Internal Revenue Service, alleging that the Clarion Fund, a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness of national security issues, violated its tax-exempt status by using the DVD as an election prop in swing states. In its complaint to the FEC, CAIR wrote that "analysts say the distribution of the Obsession DVD was designed to benefit a particular presidential candidate, namely Sen. John McCain."

"The extent of CAIR's evidence is that some polls show McCain with an edge over Obama on security policy. Yet while the argument may be as thin as gossamer, the objective is serious: to punish an organization disseminating truths about radical Islam and to convince others that the costs of speaking out are too high.

"This action must been seen in context. As outlined in a 2006 article by Daniel Pipes and Sharon Chadha, CAIR has been bullying critics of Islamism for years and has accumulated many heads in its trophy case. Prominent examples include CAIR demanding that National Review pull two books about Islam from its online store, convincing Washington's WMAL to fire radio talk show host Michael Graham for lamenting modern Islam's ties to terrorism, and successfully placing public service announcements on Fox's 24 after arguing that a plotline had presented Muslims in a negative light.

"Additionally, critics of CAIR find themselves targets of the group's litigiousness. In the most infamous case, it sued Andrew Whitehead, proprietor of the Anti-CAIR website, for defamation. The parties reached an out-of-court settlement that did not result in any modification of Anti-CAIR's online claims. Whitehead's attorney has noted that CAIR pulled back because it did not want to allow opposing counsel access to its internal records — which was probably a wise move.

"For a group that touts itself as a champion of civil rights and liberties, CAIR sure gets ruffled when others exercise them."

Damien 10:30 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

Islamists cannot tolerate open discussion of their faith and those who act in its name. We witness this phenomenon time and again from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which increasingly forgoes combat in the arena of ideas, preferring instead to intimidate or litigate opponents of the Islamist agenda into silence.

Yes, and we can imagine what will happen to them once they are no longer able to silence their critics.

Anonymous 4:47 PM  

Your article "Waging Jihad by Gaining Concessions" is the most important article in America today. In only three pages you describe 100% accurately what the enemy is doing and how they are defeating us. To reiterate they are defeating us with aggressive pursuit of concessions. It is an emergency crisis, but Americans are asleep even those security analysts who should have a clue about ideological warfare have surrendered. Zero Americans are able to say "no" even our top leadership is too polite to protect us.

At this point we have lost the ideological war, to the extent that no one even knows there is such a thing as ideological warfare. We are clueless. We are just too nice. We grant concessions ad infinitum. Particularly the examples of the Europeans countries proves that Democratic countries are helpless in the face of concession Jihad. They are giving their countries away and we are emulating them.

Similarily we Americans have proven to be a very weak minded people also unable to say no to the concession jihad -- no wonder the Muslims think we are dhimmies, we have proven it to them by our servile and pussilimonius behavior.

You article is brilliant and absolutely necessary for all Americans to understand especially our leadership but it simply is not happening. Americans do not understand ideological warfare and cannot distinguish it from freedom of speech. The situation is locked in and very hopeless.

Many, many thanks on behalf of all Americans for your attempt to open our eyes with such a genius diagnosis and description of the cancer that is infecting us and soon to metastasize unless strong countermeasures are taken.

Citizen Warrior 4:53 PM  

Thank you, Anonymous. That is quite an acknowledgment!

I like your phrase, "concession jihad." I disagree that the situation is locked in and hopeless. As long as we have the will to fight, it is not hopeless. Americans and Europeans are waking up. And we all have the power to help them in their awakening.

Many people are making a difference already, and many more are joining the fight every day. Read about these citizen warrior heroes.

You seem very motivated to do something. I encourage you to choose one of the items on this list and begin right away. Use your frustration to make a difference. The sooner the better.

Anonymous 10:08 AM  

Stop the islamic crazies now!

Mr. Geert is RIGHT!!!!

Stand behind him!!!
Lets fight the bastards!

Walter Siruk 9:57 AM  

This type of gaining power for Islam by Muslims is a strategy of Muslims who "keep pressing for small incremental concessions" is called "Islamic Gradualism." This sometimes subtle but possibly effective scheming for Islamic power is also known as the "Stealth Jihad." It's sly, deceptive and insidious. In some ways this cultural,political and religious ploy of the stealth jihad is rather similar to the method of gaining power taught by Sun Tzu in THE ART OF WAR. Which instructs "At first then, exhibit the coyness of a maiden, until the enemy gives you an opening; afterwards emulate the rapidity of a running hare, and it will be too late for the enemy to opposes you."

Walter Sieruk 8:46 AM  

About Muslim clerics, be they living in the UK or the USA or if they are the mullahs of Iran and Afghanistan or the imams of Pakistan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia or any other country. All those Muslims clerics are, according to the doctrines of the Bible, Isaiah 8:20. false religious teachers .Meaning false teacher s who teach and indoctrinate the false doctrines of the false religion of Islam into the hearts and minds of others . Such false teachers are described in the Bible ,in Second Peter 2:1. “There were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.” [K.J.V.]
Therefore, to reply to the many different claims made by the imams and mullahs as well as the other apologists for Islam there is the Christian internet site. It’s www.answering-islam.org
In addition, it should be make clear that in the context and meaning of the above Bible verse Second Peter 2:1. The word “destruction” does not mean “loss of being but loss of well-being ,as the destruction of well- being . That is “going to ruin” by ending up and a terrible place of awful suffering which the Bible call hell, Luke 16:19-31.

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